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[v2.44] Steal's Trickery does not Activate
The Trickery effect of Steal ('Also use your mainhand weapon's attack skill on the target') will never trigger.  To replicate, I performed the following steps:

Step 1: Acquire 50 Guile
Step 2: Equip a basic Dagger in the mainhand (I later tried with bare fists/grudge claws to the same effect)
Step 3: Use 'Steal' roughly 20 times. (Tested on a Prinny, on Arena combatants, with/without successfully stealing buffs, etc.)
Step 4: Observe that the Trickery effect does not trigger, and no attack is ever made.

One notable exception is that the Trickery chain from using Pocket Sand to trigger Steal WILL execute the attack action as intended.  The issue is only present when using the Steal skill directly.

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