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Calm Before the Storm
Black Market
Rumors of a black market selling Dusk Parasites for all those interested have been floating around for a long time now, and while there have been whispers of certain crack downs and the peculiar closings of businesses being associated with such a thing, Empire officials have remained largely tight lipped about things... Until now that is. It has been confirmed that an entire underground ring dedicated to selling these vile creatures for profit, primarily to scholars with an interest or fighters looking for a boost in strength and little care for where it comes from, and that there will be a large scale effort to shut down the practice. The Empire is looking for all mercenaries and adventurers willing to lend their hand in quelling the issue.

Deep within Alstalsia's wilderness, where the land is more a frontier territory than civilized state, stories have been spreading of monsters that lurk in the dark woods. Bearing wicked horns like Zerans and clad in heavy steel, it is said they kill any who stumble in their path. The frontiersmen have many names for them, claiming that perhaps they were ancient Zerans cast out by Alstalsia and returned to carry out bloody vengeance, or terrible grim reapers out to bring spirits of the living with them back to Lazarus either willing or not, or perhaps even simply dullahans or demons... Stories of this sort are common this far from civilization however, and many have brushed it off as merely another dark fairy tale told to scare children into behaving, but a few are aware of just how close to the mark these stories are.

Arael Schlaeger
The leader of the Black Falcon has remained inactive as of late, hold up in Castle Leistung in Kysei. It might be easy to forget what the man has done even as life for many returns to normal, but the Empire is not content to simply leave it that way. With their announced bounty on Arael's head, as well as those of his followers, many adventurers have begun flocking together in order to pursue the man and assault Castle Leistung in the hopes of making it big off the riches promised by the Empire for a single man's head. Many of these adventurers are of little note, and are mostly bound together by an interest in profit, but it is by their hands that Arael may finally be brought to justice. It would be simple for many to join their ranks if any sought similar goals.

OOC Notes
All of these events are being planned to happen relatively soon. Stay tuned for one more event to be announced in the Black Falcon/Strega event chain, the final Empire Defense Event. For any further inquires please reach out to Fern.
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