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New Party Movement 'modes' needs a toggle
We gamers need a verb (and preference option) to allow us manually select what type of party movement we want for the moment. Something like 'toggle-party-formation' that Party Leaders can type and then manually change from 'Line' to 'Free', and vice versa.

A good idea also would be for this other verb, 'toggle-party-mode', to be available for the party members, but in a more personal way. Like for example, if one unit from the party wants to break formation, they can type the verb (or toggle in preferences?) to momentarily walk around, then once they're done with their business, re-enable being back in line.

The idea of different modes in general is nice and we all approve, but it needs a little bit of sanding and freedom.

The game automatically chooses it for us, but most of the time we don't really want what the game feels like it's right, if you catch my vibe. That's just a natural flaw of automated systems, and it doesn't play well with a roleplaying environment where certain situations beg to differ.

TL;DR, and more clarified:

- Using 'toggle-party-mode' makes the unit move freely, or go back to be in line.

- Using 'toggle-party-formation' changes this behavior to the whole party, setting it to 'Free' or 'Line'. (Only the Party Leader can use this as the verb is granted when you receive the Party Leader condition/variable, and while in Free mode, 'party mode' is ignored, since there is no line to go back to.)

- Naturally, neither can be used if you're not in a Party.
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(05-27-2021, 10:56 PM)Snake Wrote: A verb to allow us to manually select what type of party movement we want would be nice.

Something like 'toggle-partymove' that we can type and then manually change from 'Line' to 'Free', and vice versa.
I absolutely agree. I really like the idea of the free move, there, though there has to be some sort of toggle. Especially when dragging people who are AFK, or going through dungeons, or whatever you might need to drag others for. Without it, it's a bit... Weird and awkward.
it's also makes things hella confusing to do in the haunted houses as everyong runs off to do something and its easy to lose track of whats actually being done.
Any solutions were thought about this yet? It's still pretty upsetting to have this happening when we don't want it to.
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I have to come bump this if only for one thing:

Free-movement parties definitely hinders roleplay. Sure, it's cool that in some situations I can move without dragging someone away, but still be in a party with them for whatever reason you could come up with since I can't think of one... but it's kinda shite to have to run around, make sure I keep up with EVERYONE in that party, and be able to RP at the same time. Not to mention, god forbid, I get lost and have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off looking for my party members, as well as missing the RP OOCly because I got fucked by lag, my computer being a potato, etc.
On the other side of the coin, being able to ACTUALLY toggle free movement on in a normal, non-haunted dungeon would be AMAZING. Everyone can be sent in a different direction and it makes it easier to find the exit, enemies, etc. without being as long and tedious - especially with labyrinthine dungeons.

There definitely needs to be any sort of toggle to it, whether as a typed command, or a button (which would be my preference because that's accessable to everyone 100%), or anything, because in it's current state I haven't heard from anybody at all that hasn't complained at least once about it. It's a REALLY good idea in concept, but it doesn't feel as polished as it needs to be.
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i want to be able to kidnap people again

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Another bump.
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