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Profile Suggestions Megathread
Changes and updates to the profile features were posited in the most recent Dev Poll. I know a lot of people have ideas and suggestions for what new features they'd like to see in profiles, so let's use this thread to provide and support them.

For my money, it would be excellent if there was some sort of system that allowed players to quickly swap between multiple profile presets, including their profile picture and description pages.

It could be a donation item, or something we'd be able to tie to a magic mirror's existing outfit slots for the character sprite. It would be extremely helpful for those of us that portray characters in distinct casual and combat gear, such as plate armor users, as well as many others I'm sure. It would be far less tedious and/or immersion breaking than our currently available options for portraying characters like this.
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I'm glad someone also agrees with that one.
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Please yes... allow me to have my eleven different outfits and still have pages to describe more.
AAAAA do it, that'll make things much easier and not leave me with a long AF text doc with all my descriptions
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I know this is a hard thing to put in there, but I really want to have an option for a wider profile picture. I have too many characters that have big swords, or are hunched over, or something that makes it so I have to cut off a significant chunk of the picture. As an artist, it makes me very sad.
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Profile styles. as Sawrock put, some really good art has no chance of being used because it's not vertical. Maybe if there's a thing to switch to horizontal profiles where the image placement is at the top or something.
All in all, I just lust for more options. Like bone borders for a lich/reaper and neon for mechs. More patterns, etc.
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