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Battle for the Rap Throne an RME Event Ft. Young DPS
So you think you got what it takes to spit? You think you can throw down a few rhymes here and there and call yourself the king huh? Or do you just wanna get out there and show folks how we do things around the block? Well, let me tell you something son, the bars of the finest men and women around are forged in fire. That fire is what we in the business call battle rap. If you wanna test yourself then lucky for you RME records has a new up-and-coming star who's looking to polish his skills on anyone that's got the balls to take the challenge. My boy. My brother. My G.   Young DPS. Man's enough bars to make a whole damn fence around the kingdom and he's gonna show you all how it's done. Bard, lyricist, poet, don't care what you call yourself or what you think you are but if you think you even got the slightest bit of rhyme in your blood then I expect you to show up you understand? This ain't just a challenge, it's a declaration of war. Now which one of us's gonna be left standing?

[Monday 9EST, Arena]

[Image: RME.png]
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