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Lazarus Affinity
Ever since Spelledge staves became a thing, Reapers have had little to no use due to staves being a better alternative. Apertaurus, on the other hand, have been useless in general due to being limited to 6-star and below axes to act as casting tools (since many of the better axes are of higher rarity). I have a simple remedy to this:

* Add an additional 2 to the base of Reaper's Affinity

* Remove the base of Apertaurus' Affinity and double the scaling from SAN (either 2*[Scaled SAN/10] or [Scaled SAN/5])

This way, both Reapers and Apertaurus can use 10-star weapons at 50 Scaled Sanctity as casting tools (polearms for Reapers and axes for Apertaurus, obviously) to have a bit more variety and utility through their racial passives. And for everyone's sanity:

* Switch Dragon Remains to Macabre: Earth
* Switch Fireblood Remains to Macabre: Fire

The remains literally named after fire should be the one to allow the usage of Nerhaven spells, not the remains found from a skeletal T-Rex.
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I'd wait until the equipment and stat revamp before asking for those things.
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