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[EVENT] Seek of The Summer Solstice
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"I like big BUCKS and I cannot lie."
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Seek of The Summer Solstice
06/27/2021 5PM EST - 
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Event Summary:
Hey hey boys, here is what I have in store for you at the end of this week. A hunt, hosted
by one of my previously established NPCs-! The same will consist of seeking an object of interest
through a grid-like system, getting OOCly quizzed on your knowledge of forestry, and dealing with your
usual camp shenanigans. As I've mentioned before, this is a new event format, and you - prospective
player - can help me test it with your participation, and feedback! Further information below.

What's this all about:

The event will consist out of three phases, which will represent three days. Now, each phase
will further consist out of the day spent in the field, hunting, and the night in camp with everyone else.
During the day, you will search through a grid that represents the hunting field, searching for an object of
some interest. Every person from both teams - three people in one - shall be asked a question that in some
way touches on forestry. Each correct answer will allow you to roll a two die, and pick the highest roll
as your 'contribution' for the day. The two highest rolls from each team are tallied together. The one
that - due to low rolls or a wrong answer - doesn't get counted in, gets a special 'camp quest'. It
takes place during the night, and can net you a roll as well-! At the end, the team with the
higher score wins. That's pretty much the gist of it. A fine mixture of RNG
 and brain.

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Signing Up:
Alright, so hunting was supposed to be a favoured pass-time for the nobility - and since we ain't got
any of that, why not make it! You will need to sign up as a group of three. Basically, someone noble and
their entourage. At least one of the party needs to be noble, no compromise. Even a knight will suffice-! If
you don't have a group, you can sign up individually, but will get skipped if a group signs up after you.
First come, first served! The number of people accepted is still somewhat small, but is bound to grow
should people end up liking this experiment of mine. If not, I still have other ideas left to explore.
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Current Slots:
Slots filled
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Also, clarification: The party only needs one noble, though there can be more - to serve as the face of it, and the person who actually got the invitation in the first place.
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