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Amber Maria - creation of a unique prosthetic
Applicable BYOND Key - SoulOfLuna
Character Name - Amber Maria
Request Type - Unique tool (more specifically, a unique replacement for a missing arm)

Request Details - This request is for my character, Amber Maria, to, likely with the aid of anywhere from one to four or so other individuals, obtain a new prosthetic arm that could be used to store spells within itself, likely through cards, specially purposed mana crystals, or something else capable of storing the necessary focus hidden within it. If at all possible, the prosthetic would also ideally double as a casting tool, and be made to at least look like a human arm at a cursory glance, if not completely lifelike, while keeping it at least mostly durable enough to prevent damage to any sensitive parts within so long as the user was reasonably careful with it. Of course, the arm would still require focus to actually move.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - The character has lost her arm just about completely in the most recent event when fighting against Cornelius Schlager. Since she's a mage making use of specialized rune bracelets to cast magic (said bracelets being approved in a prior application), both arms are usually necessary for her, and from her understanding, making use of magic with a prosthetic in place of a real arm is more limiting in her case. As such, she would ideally look for a method to use her magic differently, as well as keeping her spells elsewhere. In addition, if the part for it being a casting tool is approved, this would help hide what she is actually using as a casting tool, as well as where her spells are coming from, which to her, as a Spellthief, would be invaluable if it was possible.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -

Lore: Where casting tools are concerned, from my understanding, casting tools can take a wide variety of different forms. Fans, staves, swords, axes... in addition, Amber's rune bracelets were approved as a casting tool as well. As such, I'd assume it would be possible to do so so long as enough people are working on it.
Where storing spells is concerned, I believe it's a similar principle - spells can be stored in a wide variety of different methods, from cards to tattoos, and Amber's current method is a bracelet storing a small number of spells for herself. Based on that, it seems reasonable enough that storing them within a prosthetic should be possible.
Durability and the ability to make it lifelike are a bit more questionable, but from my understanding, Mechanations are regularly made with the idea of looking as human as possible while being decently sturdy, so it likely should not be completely impossible to use similar materials for the outer parts of the prosthetic for this purpose.

Roleplay: Amber is a Spellthief, at the end of the day, as well as a veteran adventurer with a lot of experience, and by extension a lot of money. With this in mind, her funding the creation of an arm like this for her purposes should be possible. In addition, she has personally worked on a couple of projects that are related to focus and its use - the first of which is the aforementioned rune bracelets, and the second being a device to help summoners maintain youkai within an area. So she would be able to provide some sort of a basis for how to implement the copy spells, so long as she found a skilled enough individual to create it for her.

Note: As always, I'm fully willing to further explain or adjust the idea however is necessary regarding this request.
I've no qualms with the majority of this application, it seems fine to me so long as you take into account that prosthetics are incredibly tiring to use for long periods of time and limited in that way.

About the only issue I can think of, is that people will still know (when you actually cast, anyway) where your magic comes from, those that can sense it would have a pretty fair idea of how you're doing it.

They still won't know that you've stolen spells unless they actively see you do that, but they'd know that hey that arm isn't real and that's what she's using to cast with whenever she uses magic.

In addition, though the prosthetic could look fairly lifelike, a closer inspection would show that it is indeed a prosthetic. Especially for those that are familiar with crafting them, or mechanations.

With all that in mind, I'm willing to approve it.
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Yes, those details are perfectly acceptable. It does make sense that they would be able to sense the source of the magic, and it not being 100% lifelike is also fair.

Thank you very much.
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