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Allocer "Alias" Mistletoe -- Request for Character Status
Applicable BYOND Key -Zenkatana

Character Name - Allocer Mistletoe (with a penname of "Alias".)

Request Type -  Character Ability/Status

Request Details -

  I would like to have this Papillon be a member of the organization of Albedo's ruling council.  This would imply a measure of power in dealing with day-to-day situations in Albedo, with such examples:  Putting out requisitions to members, sharing information; scouting individuals that would be of value to Albedo; hearing out grievances, requests, or reports from members of Albedo; placing preliminary restrictions on and calling for the presence of members acting out-of-line until an opportunity of conference with other Albedo high council members over the case and/or punitive measures comes.  Such actions taken in the role of a leader of Albedo will be promptly reported to GMs, and in cases outstanding, approval will be waited before before action resolves;  I.E., should a member cause a stir-  Any actions taken, such as inhibiting their access to Albedo, or summoning them for review by the council, would be taken after GM approval would be made.  Even in cases not requiring GM approval, significant actions will be logged and submitted promptly through appropriate channels.

In the interest of preserving the secrecy of Albedo, as well as to avoid treading on the organization and the world carelessly, other actions pertaining to the organization of Albedo would be taken only with both GM approval and consultation with the council of Albedo.

As a somewhat-eccentric member of Albedo, and with access to a significant, but somewhat modest personal reserve of resources-  This character will have a portfolio of a number of crafted homunculi and mechanations.  Players interested in having a character created by this character will be welcome to do so.  Due to the character's personality, the mechanation or homunculus in question may have any level of tie to this character-  Whether they know each other well and speak frequently, or don't even know Allocer to be their creator.

Despite this character's position, I do not intend for them to be particularly powerful-  They may be able to fend off minor threats, but their role in the organization and how they attained this status would be unconnected to combat ability.

Finally, this character would dwell within Albedo;  Spending much, if not all of their time in the underground hideout these days.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) -

Albedo is an interesting concept, lore-wise, but as far as I understand it's fairly loosely organized so far.  I'd like to contribute towards supporting the organization in lore, and give players an opportunity to tap resources within the 'guild', so to speak.  Playing a higher-ranking Albedo character gives me the opportunity to take a backlines, supporting role in RP-  Where Allocer can be sought out for help, advice, to report, or regarding a number of other matters, but without too many driving goals, he'll be fairly self-contained-  Interacting with Albedo plots primarily, and keeping things fairly simple.  This isn't intended to prevent players from acting loosely with Albedo membership that are, but mainly to provide RP and direction for players interested in making their membership in Albedo a more important part of their character.

With the presence of Allocer, an IC mouthpiece can also exist for anything that GMs would like to put out.  It can be discussed in an official meeting backstage, and be presented by Allocer to the playerbase associated with Albedo in a number of ways.

One more hope I have regarding this application is that it could give precedent for players to make similar applications;  and for this council to gradually be filled with players, instead of primarily non-player-characters.

The final note regarding homunculi and mechanations is a request that sums up the idea that I'd like to make it easy for players looking to make a Homunculus or Mechanation to get things rolling fairly quickly.  So long as they send me a DM, I'll be happy to give them the go-ahead and get them started on their new character-  And they'll be able to choose their involvement with Allocer, which allows them to stick close and remain involved, or head off and be uninvolved with Albedo.  Whether this opportunity is used or not, I'd like to present it as an option to players;  and if it is taken, I think it could help construct a world with a firm, fleshy feeling to it.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -  

Albedo may be loosely organized, but it still is an organization-  And given that, there will be members that are more in-the-know or more involved with bureaucracy than others.  A council to determine action in a slow fashion, regardless of whether or not they're the ultimate power in the organization, would be beneficial.

This character is one that's been sitting on the backburner for me for some time;  They've been spending most of their time in a private library, reading, only meeting with individuals when approached.  Because of that, I've not done particularly much for them, nor do I have supporting roleplay for this;  I intend for this character's proper debut to be as a high-ranking member of Albedo.  They have a well-established personal history and backstory that I'd be happy to discuss outside of the forums with any GM willing to give my application a look-over.

Besides that, primarily what I'm looking to do here is provide lore, rather than get something out of existing lore.  With a named head in Albedo, I would welcome players, and particularly state-militaries(mostly Karaten) to use his alias- or name, as it may come to be leaked- in roleplay regarding Albedo.  His presence would give players focusing on IC-first opportunity to join Albedo in a fluid fashion, and would give Albedo-affiliated characters an easy avenue to seek out for advice, help, or in general support from a senior-  As well as someone they may want to learn from.  These are lore-hooks that I want to provide.


That concludes my application!  Thank you for reading this, and do let me know at Kit#6944 on Discord, or with a PM on these forums if there's anything at all in need of clarification or if any discussion regarding this app is desired of me.  I prefer contact by Discord, but I'm happy to be flexible as needed.
Approved with the clarification of a GM being informed of any 'major' uses of said role, going to move into Accepted.

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