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Irwing - growing potion
Applicable BYOND Key - ShadyPotionSeller

Character Name - Irwing

Request Type - Creation of a fluff rp potion

Request Details -  

The potion makes the user slowly grow taller in height in a few days. With the limit mentionned by the game rules. (They can't reach over 7 feet tall by consuming the potion.) 

This however comes with bad side effects. The body isn't normally able to grow this quickly, the user will be in pain for the duration of the potion's effect directly on his bones and flesh being stretched. 

The user will need, during the effect of the potion, to avoid physical efforts as much as possible. As their bones will be weakened during the process and breaking one limb will not stop the growing process, which may make unexpected deformations on the broken limb.

The spine growing with the rest. It is at risk to break as well, possibly making the user paralyzed or killed. 

If the user stays safe during the growing procedures and endure the pain until the end of the potion's effect, he will successfully be taller than their past self without problems.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - 

Irwing is a potion maker. While he has potions present to the game already on his wares (Healing potions, enhancers, etc...)
He also has fluff potions he sells to his potion shop.
This ticket is made due to a client's request made to Irwing.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -

Potions can be a lot of things. It's basically magic contained on a bottle.
Irwing is an alchemist expert. He mastered the arts of potions and test each new mixtures on cobayes. Would it suceed or fails.
Despite the currently listed reservations and limitations I am unwilling to grant this application as is.

While potions can be a great many things. There are several points that should be made to them based on information currently available, which may be subject to change dependent on Dev's clarification on the matter in future:
1: A potion always appears to (Other than Blue, Cleanse and Healing potions) have a set duration of their effects (Enhancers, Prevention, Firebreather as examples)

2: The wording and description of potions never clarify the mechanism by which potions operate. To take an example of the Firebreather potion, its description states:
[Image: t4CmSUYYq3.png]

This does not note whether the means by which your granted is from physiological changes or from a strictly magical effect. This is similarly found in other potion of a similar nature.

2.5: However, another application made to Balthie regarding potions that he has approved has heavily implied that potions can in fact be made with physiological effects such as changing skin colour or hair growth.

3: While there are no size related potions. SL2 has confirmed the existence of various size-manipulating magical effects. Granted either by enchantment or spell (Giant gene's deprecated effect or the Ice Giant's Ominous Spell). Neither of these as of now are accessible to player characters. Nor do I believe (Without serious effort to investigate ancient forum threads) Dev has ever elucidated as to what the current interpretation of Giant Gene should be in light of him deprecating that effect of the enchantment.

For point 1, I cannot approve the application of a one-time use potion that would grant permanent height increase.

However, I am willing to tentatively approve the application with regards to making some form of derivative of current potions that is able to enhance height. This will potentially allow a subject to settle into a new height, but will saddle them with numerous ailments from side effects of pain, possible deformations and the constant need to measure their potion dosage (Likely with consultations from the alchemist physician), which even then will likely lead people to suspect some kind of tampering due to a slightly fluctuating height over weeks of ingesting slightly differing dosages while trying to find an ideal 'maintenance' level.

Not to mention, the ingredients used to create such an exotic effect will likewise be exotic and heft a high price, meaning there will be natural difficulties in procurement and creating a stable stock for long term use.  Not to mention, there may be other, unforseen side effects from using a potion for such a long time.

Should new information come to light that challenges these assumptions, such as Dev elucidating or a link from one of the old lore threads, I will change my position on this.

However, I will approve this request on the conditions listed above.

thank you for your answer.

I will think over details and make my response once done.

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