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Lore Questions: September 2021
Guidelines for Lore Questions
1) You are limited to one question per topic. You may ask follow-up questions related to your initial question provided they are mainly 'yes' or 'no' questions.  For instances where you are clarifying lore details, or for minor questions, it is recommended to ask in the #lore-questions Discord channel instead of in this thread.
2) Questions should avoid being overly specific when the topic is unknowns. (IE: Was anyone on Sigrogana ever killed with a spoon? Has there ever been a scandal involving a noble family on Kysei?) For this reason, it's best to ask questions pertaining to subjects that already have some establishment in the lore.
3) Avoid asking questions on the basis that you are trying to invalidate someone's RP or otherwise harrass them, etc. If you have concerns that someone may not be RPing properly, or has an outlandish concept, please take them to a GM in private.
4) Refrain from asking questions that have always been answered. Use the forum search function, view the lore compendium, or the wiki pages for the specific races (both on wikia and this site's wiki) to double check.
5) If you notice any contradictions in answers, you are welcome to point them out. Note that established lore may be rewritten as time passes based on necessity or desire.

Expectation For Answers
Questions may be answered at any time, but the general expectation is that all questions will be answered during the first week of the following month. Answers will be added to the lore compendium, which will be updated after the topic is closed.
Alright, haven't asked a question in a while, but I'd personally like to know a bit more about certain mythical beasts mentioned within item lore:

1) Sleipner. Sleipner is a mythical beast mentioned in the description of the thunder hooves item, said to go really fast. What is it? Is there only one, or more than one? Has anyone ever SEEN this beast? Is it even still alive? Where does it supposedly originate from?

2) Zwellraus. The item mentions being named after a mythical beast. What is this one like? Once again, is there only one, or multiple? Are they still alive? Where does IT originate from?

I think knowing more about the mythical creatures in this world that go unacknowledged could be neat. It could give room for characters to share stories and tales, and perhaps even shape an event that allows characters to make their own tales, sit around a campfire and discuss the time they encountered one of these beasts.
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How many Voices of Mercala have there been?

Have they all been women/do they all have to be women?

Can Mercala choose to inhabit a new vessel she is compatible with (aka a new Mehana she deems worthy, for whatever reason)? If so, can she relieve the current Voice at any time and don a new vessel, or does she have to wait for the current vessel to pass away?

Bonus round: Aside from general compatibility, how does Mercala choose which Mehana is worthy?
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Is it possible for someone to become Dullahan in armor of OLD dullahan?

as in Person A is dullahan and dies while their armor is mostly intact. (Job finished, ceases existing. Or just killed without breaking the armor fully). Person B then obtains the armor, makes it usable and dies in it while fitting dullahan conditions. Would anything change?
So, in the last Lore Questions thread, you mentioned in responce to Poruku's question the existance of "magical forest[s]" -

- What constitutes a magical forest, and can they be created?
- Would it be possible that a small section deep within a normal forest could be magical?
- Would animals in such a place take on magical qualities at all?
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So, are chaotic keys an actual thing within the lore, or should we take them from a purely OOC standpoint since they spawn BDPs?
Could a Homunculi theoretically have additional parts fabricated and replaced by someone adept at homunculus creation?

Would it be possible for damaged tissue to be replaced by new tissue? (I.E, damaged muscles replaced or repaired with newly made muscles)
There has been a lot of confusion over Void usage and its ties to Void Poisoning lately, more over what causes Poisoning on an enemy and what causes poisoning on the user in a higher risk to the point someone can officially be put behind bars for merely its usage in spars.

1) Could you clarify which of those skills carry very dangerous and high risks of inflicting Void Poisoning upon enemies mainly?

- Black Bolt
- Detogate
- Vanishing Strike
- Eliminate
- Blotch
- Black Elixir
- Wash Away
- Ignite Engine
- Void Refraction's gated projectiles

2) Is it true that in 'spar' contexts, there should not be risks of Void Poisoning to each side since you're holding back? (Assuming that counts as an 'injury' and in spars you don't aim to injure your foe.)
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Would Oniga or its Noble Families look down upon Nobles from the country joining the Church Knights, or would they not care? Maybe they'd even like that, since Mercala technically saved Ryart?
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on the topic of Undead, Unalive and all, 
1. Cladis Mortem... Homunculi are safe to assume that they have such, right? Or do they?

2. Has Albedo looked into an easy way of clarifying what classifies something as Cladis Mortem or Unalive? One uneducated could consider a vampire and a Homunculus in a similar position. Those whom were once dead, now not through some kind of ritual.
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