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House Camera Bug. Again. (2.50)
Entering player houses and extra levels will lock the camera to a random spot on the floor. Often leading to black screens, and unmovable camera conditions.  There is no bearing on whether you enter it alone or in a party.  The glitch also persists through relogs, and can happen to floors you have traveled through that were recently free of the glitch. 

How to recreate: Entering a playerhouse, or any extra level in a player house.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Have you tried using Player Debug on that? I think Dev asked us to do it then repeat the steps to see if it reports anything useful.
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I have not, next time I enter my home I will keep it in mind however. I do know that others have done it in Dungeons for what is the same glitch.
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This should be corrected.
I am unsure if the fix to correct it has gone through, or will be going through with the next patch. However just for the sake of being prudent I ran into the bug today, and managed to snag a debug of the exact error.
[Image: giphy.gif]
If the game hasn't updated since I replied, then it hasn't been applied yet. Thank you for the follow-up information, at any rate.
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