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Unofficial Test Server Guide
If you're here after understanding how both the Calculator and building works? Sucks to be you! The right spot is this place right here with your only babysitter, Zerg!

But if you're the type who can't wrap your head around the SL2 Calculator for one reason or another (like me!), then fret not. There's still a way to build your character without having to invest hours upon hours of grinding through trial and error in the main server.

You can set up a character in less than five minutes in the second server SL2 has, which is dubbed as the 'Testing Server'.

[Image: unknown.png]

(Do be wary that this server tends to be always one version or two ahead of the main server, so if there are any experimental or intentional disparities, you should always make sure to be updated when Neus is adjusting something. Another rule of thumb is to not spoil anything there to other people. Just don't.)

So yes. You made a character! Make sure to pick a race you desire to test/build for. The other steps of the tutorial are not really necessary, given the nature of this server. The first thing you should do is clean up your text bar and type the following command.


Once done, you'll see that you are now in the debug room. That's pretty much it for this tutorial since from this point onwards everything is more or less self-explanatory, because the rest comes from knowing your verbs. I'll list them below:

test-go-to NPCNameHere
-- This teleports you to any NPC you want. It's always good to keep track of their names. Very useful ones for me personally tend to be the following:
>> Michelle (For upgrading your Torso properly, until max-upgrades is fixed.)
>> Pink (For resetting your race. You can just click the bottom right flame thingy for it!)
>> Zeo (For earning free Murai after obtaining random junk from the test chests)
>> Asha (For the Legend Extension book)

-- This gives you all Youkai currently available in SL2.

-- This allows you to set a LV for any Youkai in your possession.

-- This gives you all stamps available in SL2, including experimental ones and duplicates. Do be careful, as there is only 1 stamp for STR, SKI, CEL, WIL. 2 stamps for FAI and 3 stamps for VIT. The rest are non-existent/not yet implemented.

-- If you are an idiot with the previous verb.

-- Self-explanatory. They'll all be LV1, though.

-- This grants combat EXP to you. Just put some random number and brace.

-- This grants crafting EXP. Same as above.

-- Can only be used by Chimera, dumbo. It grants a specific mutation from eating things.

-- Can only be used by Amalgama, dumbo. It rerolls all your mutations.

-- Increases your sentimentality to 100. You'll need to go in a fight and out for this to apply, and obviously, the trait itself.

test-end-battle / end-my-battle
-- Stops combat, no buts.

test-raremetal / test-legend-ink
-- Grants you Raremetal Shards or Legend Inks.

With those out of the way, to modify your weapon or equipment, simply right click them and they will have multiple options.

Do keep in mind that 'max-upgrades' only works for everything but torso for now! (As the value will be incorrect for torso equipment!) You will have to manually upgrade your torso at Michelle Gainer. And make sure to not forget her stamp!

When used wisely, the Testing Server can be a more robust-yet-tiresome method of preparing your future SL2 character. And on top of that! If you ever run over any bugs or errors during it, you can take the chance to report those in the forums, therefore making your time there useful no matter what you're there for. So get to it, ladies!
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This is not my guide, but I'll add onto it anyway.

As of the release of Korvara, you can also use:


This is separate from test-go-to and allows you to teleport to various Korvara exteriors, dungeons, and other such things on a whim. Use this for if you need to get around Korvara quickly for testing purposes.
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