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Character Request - Youkai
Applicable BYOND Key: SchizophrenicRobot

Character Name: Undetermined

Request Type: Character Creation

Request Details: As one could gather from the title, I'm interested in the idea of creating a character that is, in fact, a youkai. More details ahead.

Reason why you are making this request:
I'm interested in creating/playing a character by the side of a friend, acting as their youkai and general sidekick. I'm interested in the potential of playing out the dynamic of a summoner and a youkai going into contract together, or even a guardian spirit taking up fellowship with a young adventurer to be. 

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request:
Youkai are demonstrated to be sentient, intelligent creatures that exist and are already used by players in the game. The only difference here, of course, is that summoners are required to RP out their own actions or interactions with their youkai should they ever choose to do so or dig into that specific area of RP. I'm interested in working out a form of RP for the summoner to interact with their youkai without it effectively being the summoner's player speaking with themselves. Basically I'd like to work towards a more solid/explicit character dynamic between a youkai and its summoner rather than a focus geared solely just on playing the summoner class in combat. I think the lore and roleplay is all there to make it a plausible thing to do in game, if only one with some important concerns and limitations that come with it. Which is my reason for the request, as well as adding a section after this.

(Additional) Obvious Difficulties:
I would like to address the obvious difficulties, which would be the rules and limitations that would need to be instituted in order for this to ever function or be permissible. I understand the first limitation, which I'd be willing to accept, would almost definitely be only being out and IC when the summoner is present for the youkai to be summoned, which also for a vast majority of the time have to occur within parts of the world where such behavior would be acceptable.

The second obvious problem is what the heck to do if combat ever does become a situation between the two characters and others. I have two proposals (requests?), which would be either to hash details with a gm on a very specific build that is particular to what the youkai is and acceptable within its function for the character, or simply to have my youkai character omitted from combat entirely, in terms of mechanics. That is to say, rather than enter the fight myself, let the character summon their regular youkai in my stead and RP as the standard, functioning youkai being played/controlled by the summoner player.

If a GM would be willing to hash things out in more detail in DMs, I would be mighty appreciative. Regardless, thanks for any and all consideration.
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If no other GM has gotten to you for this application yet, I'll be reading it over.

Could you expand what type of youkai you would even play, as well as expand on why your youkai 'character' would have more personality and powers than any other one? I recommend you base it around the current youkai we already have in-game.

I would also suggest you not use the loophole (if you thought about it) of being a 'youkai' to justify backing up the summoner in any unfair matchups within in-game combat but roleplay combat is fine as long as the opponents agree or you could as you say; simply roleplay the 'combat' form of the youkai as a spectator.

Naturally you would also be a very limited character as well and would have to be tied down to the summoner if approved so you can't just wander around randomly without being near the summoner.
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