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New BDP scales horribly
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This is a LV70 Dungeon. I'm LV50+ and this doesn't give me a single worthwhile time investment when compared to normal dungeons that are all about fighting over and over. This EXP is the same EXP as a single fight on the old dungeons. So time investment-wise these are pretty horrible.

I know there's the argument that those are 'faster' to be cleared, but you have to keep in mind that when you're roleplaying in one of those, your time investment skyrockets compared to ye ole beat them up with a stick, so... If not to make them a little more worthwhile for late game grinding, I propose an easy fix.

Have all floor missions reward you with 15% "Until Next Level" EXP + this bonus.

Generally these dungeons have 3 Floors, so that would be equal to 45% TNL EXP per dungeon. Not the best given their lack of constant combat to give the add-ons, but... better than the mess I posted, honestly.
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The fact defeating the boss gives no bonus is also a bit sad. It certainly rarely feels worth it to defeat a necromancer considering how difficult they are. Alraune are fine, you're getting a core for a not very difficult fight, but it's still a bit underwhelming.

I think beating the boss should also give a final reward equivalent to a floor reward, along with some murai. The lack of money is a big reason why those new dungeons are not very favorable to do
Bump! It's kind of a shame people pretty much never do these dungeons anymore outside of a one-time rp run (if that) due to how it just doesn't reward your time. With even with three different kinds bringing some cool puzzles, I don't find myself wanting to do them.
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