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[v2.51] Ghostman Twinblade
Snakeman Twinblade's 'Hunter's Leap' ability has several odd features that don't seem quite right (but are rather funny).

-When leaping to a target, a Snakeman Twinblade can place itself inside enemies and attack them (Vanishing Serpent included).

-When leaping to a target, a Snakeman Twinblade can enter and remain inside a wall.

-If a Snakeman Twinblade cannot be forced off a target when its turn starts, it will remain there and attack them. Multiple Snakeman Twinblades can share a tile with an enemy (see: Seto).

-When leaping to a target that is not in a straight line away from their original position, a Snakeman Twinblade will end the leap diagonally from the target, forcing them to move again to attack. (Perhaps not a bug, but listing it anyway for consistency).

TL;DR the X-Men have superpowers.
This should be corrected.

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