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The Current State Of The Event Staff
If we need more eventmins, that void can be filled with applications once more, to consider the candidates and their strengths and merits, rather than recruiting from who says "pick me" on a forum. This is a serious topic and discussion, not a request for an application.
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Or news. We need more news. Not so we can play, but so that we can feel more immersed - and know where to look (ICly) if we want to jump in.
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Oh, sorry. Forgot that offering a helping hand is a crime here.
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Evidently, I don't think being passive aggressive is a right fit for this thread either. Let us leave it at that, Appo (and Kunai too).

Generally, I think there definitely could be a call for eventmins who want to learn and do things like that, if they have the time and patience, so that way eventmins that have busier lives or things they need to work on towards their other events. There are certainly people in the community that would love to throw a helping hand out there for people, or throw in even just a few side quest-y type things. Heck, in my notes server I have a handful of event ideas I figured I'd throw at someone when the time was right.
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The self promotion is unneeded and one should wait until applications are open to lobby for your position with your application and the approval of the GM team like the rest of us had to.

Coming in to speak as a failed Eventmin, and to actively acknowledge that I had failed to live up to my word on my application and the expectations I had set up for myself, but also to acknowledge that most if not all of the Eventmins on staff overcame a great deal of the hurdles with the esoteric tools we were expected to work with, the anxiety of presenting a narrative to the public, and the uncertainty or suddenness of event requests with accolades uncontested.

Fern whose Black Falcon narrative I had critiqued early on in my SL2 days actively worked to improve the story for an outsider and newbie like me, allowing me to appreciate the conclusion and characters in a manner I wouldn't have been able to previously. Overcoming several pitfalls that were born from the fact they conceptualized the story as a teenager, and had it carry on into their early 20's. Something I feel many great writers would be afraid to attempt to resolve even in their most confident trips of creativity. He has since carried those lessons into the White Door adventures and excelled so far as I have witnessed.

Ruby has managed to fulfill dozens of requests for events, and has his DM's constantly open to people who desire them. His ability to follow up, and having assisted me with several already. He is incredibly capable of slipping into whatever groove you have decided for the story with little notice, and while he has not ran many events of his own doing. There is a reason many people have had their stories forwarded, and it's his doing.

Miller is a busy a bean, however in discussions with Fern and Ruby when I needed assistance, Miller is often cited as a source of great wisdom for presentation and the tools they must work with. Contributing consistently even when they are not available to run events. I also know that Miller has made several of the maps people have indulged in, and I know this because I was asked to map in place of Miller for a Fern event. BECAUSE Miller was busy mapping another two spaces if I recall.

Hanzo for all his flaws mechanically, as I did not feel it was in the best interest of the event he ran with the Sun Temple to alter the mechanics as he did so. Is a very strong narrative writer, and has quality dialogue. He seems to want to give everyone indepth experiences that may exceed the production budget and time he's allotted but he is eager, and that counts for something.

Ignatius: Is a god amongst men. I know he has played a helping hand consistently in other players events, typically handing mobs, NPC's and narrations that address splits in parties. He also assists people in private quite often much akin to Ruby. Making due with a very tight schedule IRL he still contributes readily to the community. Something I failed to do personally during my run as an eventmin.

Personally speaking I am content with the Event Team as of current, I believe that Jupiter storm earlier had a point about providing more news coverage, and ways to involve people in current happenings. More smallscale festivals and social gatherings would be nice though I think that's something the regular community could pull together to produce with the assistance of Eventmins's.

Halloween is coming up, and my wife Kitkat is organizing a Hollows Eve party! So I think it's less that Eventmins aren't public enough, and moreso that Eventmins don't make their actions public enough. I feel that most of the Eventmins do a great deal, but do not wear them as badges of honor and get on with their duties quietly. I must also remind people that eventmins often times if not all the time are responsible for the monetary load of mapping their event spaces.

Having to donate for the keys, and fun o' grams used on every level of an event space. Which having mapped out my own event areas and such before. Grows to be quite expensive in game and out of game to provide a worthwhile experience.
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Kunai>>>Oh, sorry. Forgot that offering a helping hand is a crime here.

Let's not start things with comments like these. Appo is right in that apps will open if Dev deems more eventmins necessary, no need to get personal over it. If you really want to help out, I'm sure eventmins would appreciate resources they can utilize for things they run.

Jupiter>>>Or news. We need more news. Not so we can play, but so that we can feel more immersed - and know where to look (ICly) if we want to jump in.

More updates on going ons would be a nice step forward, I agree. Especially with the recent surge of new players, a way for them to get into the loop of things would help keep interest, and get more characters actively involved in the world. I don't get ic'ly involved in most private events myself, and only hear of a lot of things on occasion in passing, so the world itself often feels like nothing is going on (This was especially evident in the downtime between the end of the Falcon Arc, and before the beginning of the White Door Arc).

Ruby>>>The eventmin team in total is... What, five people? All of whom have lives outside of a video game. The number of eventmin has only shrunk as well from its original number, with both Karidan and Kpec having been promoted to GM. I'll be honest, if anyone ever told me that I need to focus on running events more than handling my life, I'd just quit then and there.

I think this is an important point to stress for everyone reading this thread. Eventmin are volunteers who give their own time in order to DM stories that wouldn't be possible by the average player. While I think some more publicly available events would be nice, I'm not going to demand such from the team as that's simply unfair. That's why instead of complaining of the lack of such, I've been learning to map in order to help relieve some of the burden the current event team struggles from by reducing the workload. I should also go to mention to folks that eventmin-run events aren't the only events that can be run. Don't be afraid to organize or do things yourselves for the purpose of furthering rp, even if it's small. Every little bit helps the world of Sigrogana feel more immersive.

To conclude, I think the current event team, though rather overwhelmed with the number of players they have to accommodate, have done an amazing job thus far. I've thoroughly enjoyed every event I've managed to attend myself despite of any small issues I find with them as I know how much work our eventmin DMs put in in order for the SL2 population to enjoy what the game has to offer even more. Just a bit of transparency would be nice I think in order to help make things feel more active than they currently feel as Jupiter has put it.

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(09-30-2021, 10:25 PM)Balor Wrote: providing more news coverage, and ways to involve people in current happenings.

Please, God, yes. -- And to re-iterate on this, by 'involve' I did mean simply having other players be in a position where even if they didn't participate it, it didn't just "not exist" as far as they were concerned.

We don't need constant lore updates to provide a dynamic world. We already have a dynamic world, but nobody is able to see that it's dynamic. Thanks for noticing that Drez.

(09-30-2021, 10:25 PM)Balor Wrote: More smallscale festivals and social gatherings would be nice though I think that's something the regular community could pull together to produce with the assistance of GM's.

As an extension to this. You do not require GM or Eventmin assistance to set up Festivals and Gatherings and - depending how you do it, even entire story arcs featuring combat. (EDIT) - To be clear on why this is relevant to the thread, I'm outlining why Eventmins shouldn't be the ones expected to deliver everything when all of us have a perfectly good pair of working hands.

Captive Moon's events in the past did not require any special powers, just dedicated mapping and some staff to run stalls.

Others have organized tourneys in various housing locations that were advertised that also didn't require any special powers.

*Toots horn* - I hosted a year-long D&D-based campaign in SL2 for 15 players in my Southern Moors event space with zero assistance and zero powers.

(09-30-2021, 10:25 PM)Balor Wrote: Having to donate for the keys, and fun o' grams used on every level of an event space.  Which having mapped out my own event areas and such before. Grows to be quite expensive in game and out of game to provide a worthwhile experience.

Hope you're reading this, Dev. Gotta make things easy for your voluntary staff. <3
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Thanks to those who pointed out that my mention of applications wasn't personal. I can have problems with conveying tone through text - no malice intended towards anyone whatsoever! I didn't clarify in a standalone post entirely because I really did not want to see this derailed, because obviously I see it as a very important point of conversation.

Dev once did tell us he'd prefer us using actual mapping environment maps for our events, and to be honest that bewildered me, but we did try convincing him - we've definitely been here before in terms of trying to make things easy for eventmins on the donation aspect, like extra levels.

I relied on handouts or my own money for the entirety of my foray as eventmin, for every single map I made. And, despite being allowed to spawn furniture to map event maps specifically, stopped doing that after a bug with my house that just made me paranoid, and spent my own money on event houses for the second part of my time as an eventmin, god save me.

I did, and still do, believe, eventmins really need some love in terms of making maps for events. Because, now as a mapper, I can also attest... making mapping environment maps, and going through Dev to get them implemented every time... is a process that would only further cause chaos and delay in the event sphere.

While I'd love to see a world where we had the man power to make and implement actual maps for every event... we don't. And convincing Dev to give even just eventmins access to donation items like that, even if just for events is not a simple task...

...so eventmins often can really need your charity, in terms of event spaces. After all, imagine not only being a volunteer, but doing events at a loss to your own bank account? It's kinda crazy.
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The "I have a life outside the game" schtick is cliche and tiresome. Everyone has lives outside of games; your time management skills are just poor. Or alternatively, maybe you are not as passionate about the job as you once thought you would be, and that's okay. This is not directed at anyone in particular.

Now to speak in defense of the eventmins, players should not be relying on them to provide entertainment or interesting RP. I have to be blunt here: I have interacted with dozens of you over the last couple weeks, and I could count on one hand the number of you who do or say anything interesting. Squeeeing about food or music, or playing the gloomy and misunderstood anime character, are all things I would classify as decidedly less than fascinating.

In summary, eventmins should be stepping up or stepping down, and players (not all of you) need to find your creative juices, and influence the world on your own without relying on eventmins to spoon feed you.
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I'll tip my hat and 'appo'logize for my own grimace, Apple.

I didn't think I had to make a huge formal thread post about how there are many other people willing to go for the position if the current amount of eventmins are starting to get higher demands from given the recent new influx of players, and oldbies being left to eat dirt. If what I posted sounded like advertisement and fanfares then I'm the one baffled here.

You'd think I would accept becoming an eventmin out of pity? I have more balls than that. All I said is that I'm personally available and willing for it. That there are still people out there who want to be given a chance.

Either way, I just want it to be known that there's currently no need for us to have such a small staff, and so many still willing to join the ranks of an eventmin in one way or another. 5 ain't cutting it, because 2 are working, 1 is aiding and 2 are consistently MIA because no one is a robot and we all have lives. So basically we only have two active eventmins at all times, but these are ALSO tasked with high-end events, with no breathing room for slice of life or minor eventing.

Basically, it's only sensitive we need to double that amount of staff to give all the members a breathing room. It'd probably feel better than free donation items, IMO.
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