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Bear Kaelensia - Ursa
We have avians, felines, canines and fish. I'm not saying we need every animal subgroup but, I think bears could bring interesting lore and mechanics to the table.

I'm thinking of them as big grumpy lovable people that are territorial like bears, and share their ferocious will to defend their own, making them natural "tanks".

[Image: bb86a3d6e6c5042c97124099e29773ee.jpg]

Lore example:
The Ursa are unique among Kaelensia as they tend to be more solitary. Due to this, they are among the least civilised people of Egwyn, secluding themselves to hunting grounds just large enough to feed themselves as soon as they're old enough to leave the familial den. Ursa don't get along with their own kind either, defending their territory fiercely, unless they're in search of a mate. The Ursa form small familial dens, and the mothers are famous for being unstoppable when defending their young. Ursa also hibernate for extended periods, and due to all these factors, are a rare sight even in Egwyn. Those who leave to Sigrogana might be in search of their own piece of land where they can hibernate in peace, or a more adventurous life away from that sheltered way of life.

Ursa are naturally strong and resilient, but their affinity with magic is among the worst of the Kael. They are usually bulkier than humans, and have thick, tough skin.

Tied for highest vitality, decent strength, decent defense, low everything else.

Golden eyes: The usual blind reduction/immunity
Instinct: DEF and RES only
Hibernate: Active skill. costs 3+ momentum. Curl into a defensive ball and rest. You recover rapidly, regaining SAN*2 health at the start of next round, and gaining guard level M. Gain the sleepy status next round, which reduces your damage by 20%. 3 round CD.

Pure Instinct: The usual
Territorial: You hate people intruding your personal space. When an enemy moves (or is moved) within 1 range of you, you gain a +3 bonus to strength for 2 rounds. If instinct is active, gain +6 instead.
Protective: Although Ursa are naturally solitary, they also tend to develop strong bonds with people they trust, and instinctively grow angry when others threaten their loved ones. When an enemy damages one of your allies, gain +5 scaled weapon attack versus them for 2 rounds. If instinct is active, gain +15 instead.

Hibernate traits: (Choose one!)
Hard sleeper: Hibernate cures one negative status effect, but if it does, the sleepy status reduces your damage by another 10%.
Light sleeper: Hibernate's sleepy status only reduces damage by 10%.

My goal here wasn't to create something I expect to be added straight up into the game, but I hope this gives Dev some ideas for a race like this! I know we have a lot of kaelensia in the game in general but I think these would be a nice addition that doesn't overlap much with the others thematically and mechanically. Feel free to give some input of course, and more ideas of your own!

Sidenote: I thought about giving vitality with instinct but I don't want them to be pigeonholed into playing ghost :^) just a relatively tanky SAN race with a defensive ability. I'm concerned however that it might make them a bit favored towards Black Knight so they can use things like sacrifice to tank, and forced move for territorial. People already play a lot of black knight on races like Dullahan, zeran, etc. I was thinking of giving them a way to use the protect skill outside of soldier and without a shield, but on a 1m use and with a cooldown, like a worse version of sacrifice. What do you think? It would be cool to see character that can play the role of tank outside of black knight. Like, demon hunter with a martial artist promo or cool stuff like that
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I'd suggested Ursidae before, alongside some other fun races I'd cooked up the basis f or, but they've been suggested and requested for years now. I still want them, because malformed lupines just still aren't doing it for me.
[Image: 5HkCz2Q.png]
[Image: s0bdkqm.png]
At some point we will hit critical kaelenasia mass.

At that point instead of new kaelenasia, perhaps 1-3 generic kaelenasia templates with a handful of additional optional traits.
They better be... unbearably tanky...

But yeah, all game. Although I feel like their gimmick should be the ability to have high durability and low damage potential. Or perhaps fear-based damage.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
Hell yes, it's about time the Kaelensias have their 'natural' tank.
What was Lupine supposed to be? Damage dealer? Kitty kinda outscales him there too with claws.

I would kinda like it when the instincts, would do some flat armor/m.armor since flat def/res is getting really neglectable quick at high values. still good though, I guess.
Just make them have a natural Res to Slash/Blunt/Pierce scaling with a San value and you can have them be a unique branch of tankyness.
Ohhh I love the idea of giving them phys res. That could be put in instinct instead of scaling the stats
Give beargirls. I love me a girl who threatens to maul me then falls asleep for three months.

it reminds me of my romantic life.
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