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Public Execution of Wyatt Walker
Upon the capture of one Wyatt Walker (Graytooth), The Imperial Guard was set with his execution beginning the next evening. One Emerald Shinobi is credited with the apprehension of this wily desperado that had nearly claimed the life of the Guard Commander, Michael Lamarrion Some months ago. The execution in question, took place at the top of the Nameless Shrine, where he was given the sight of Cellsvich prior to his execution by the Imperial Executioner, Morrigan. Wyatt Walker's last words were as follows:

"I'll tell you everything you want if you delay my execution!"
"Maevas there makes flesh-crafts!"
"Could I replace your executioner? She looks like she's napping."
"Man, I don't miss the sand dunes... Goodnight..."

The execution of Wyatt Walker, 10/8/360
[Image: 88431e8f440c7db7676e79ff46813a90.png]

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