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Recent Happenings (10/6/2021)

[Image: unknown.png]

Public White Doors will have a laplaceNET BDP report styled announcement in the SL2 Discord from now on.
The blue doors are invisible and locked to most NPCs, but are possible to see and open by all Player Characters. You do not have to find one in-game, you can simply enter the event space OOCly located in Chaturanga and say you went through one. Please read the house's intro narration when you go in. This is where the upcoming Pandora's Quest Board will be ICly located.
You can RP inside with other players if you want to, even outside of events. Below, you can find a screenshot of the house location in question. Please keep in mind the building in Chaturanga is an OOC gateway to the House of Dreams. It is secluded, by the top left of Chaturanga.
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
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