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v2.51 [EVENT TOOLS] Icon State Selector Can Break Your Tool HUD
If you open the Icon State Selector and choose something that has a big icon and a few icon states, your tools HUD will "break" in the sense that you can't click it or get out of the Icon State Selector anymore. Examples below:
Pretend you want to change the icon state of this white orb flash effect.
[Image: d2d795b6eb.png]
After clicking it with the Icon State Selector:
[Image: 679dfbaa2f.png]
It shows big previews which make it difficult for you to click other parts of the screen.
The Icon State Selector is buggy with previews in general, I.E if the icon is somewhat big the states will stack atop each other in the preview so they're very hard to click even with smaller things, example below.
Before clicking with the selector:
[Image: 37dfd76943.png] 
After clicking it with the selector:
[Image: 90644e1258.png]
My proposed solution is that we instead have the option to choose the icon states by name rather than by preview. this would help circumvent a lot of issues on that front. Example from another BYOND game I was admin for is that you have the option to right click and "edit icon state" then you would choose from the list of states it'd have.
[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
I changed it so that it will shrink states to 32x32.
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