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[Permission Request] CHATURANGA
I humbly come before the council to request permission to work on Chaturanga. 

I can post progress here, if it pleases the powers that be. I also have some progress already made in the way of tiles if you wish to see them before I get way too into this. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.
[Image: JUpPcQB.png]
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So, it's been about a week, I thought maybe it'd be good to pop a screenshot in just to showcase kind of thing I wanna work on.

[Image: w7wyh4G.png]

So, some key notes: 

> Warmer Color Palette: To make it easier on the eyes, the tileset I am choosing features a warmer color palette. Autumn colors to go with the autumn trees, with splotches of green to make it less single color. This also applies to the white and black tiles, which have an orangey-ish hue. 

> Healthy mix of Service buildings and Housing buildings: Right now, Chaturanga is divided with services on one side of the bridge, and houses on the other side. I would like to rectify this with a nice mix of both, scattered throughout. 

> More RP spots: Parks! Benches! Fountains! Markets!

> Docks, Forest, Jumping Puzzle, Bridge: These will remain as key features of Chaturanga and I have no intention of deleting them. In fact, I wish to incorporate these 100%. 

Again, if I'm allowed to remap Chatty, I'll be posting updates here. This screenshot is not indicative of the layout, moreso of what the tiles will look like roughly. 

Thank you for your time and your consideration!
[Image: JUpPcQB.png]
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