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Potential/effect for replicas?
I normally don't partake heavily in suggesting or contributing in general, let alone take my time to write even if I do have an idea or two to deliver. But I feel like the divine weapons from the arena are only a little more than just another glorified version of their respective weapon type and they're kind of underwhelming for a weapon supposed to be a replica of its more powerful and legendary counterpart. I don't mean to say that they should be stronger than any other weapon, but that they should be given more incentive for people to use them. And a purpose to spend a good amount of time going through all the tedious arena fighting for those badges, I guess.

The scaling itself is fine (in my opinion, at least), but it kind of pales when you have Raijin and Wo Dao doing a much better job than Braver can in comparison as a katana. Or any other spears like Abberation Spear and even Deadly Smile against Gae Bolg, for another example. Why not give them something to boost them up a little? If we're worried about them being too powerful, maybe even restrict it so that the effect can only take place if you decide to keep the Divine Weapon enchantments.

Here's what I think each replica should get. I may be having too much fun wondering about all of this and probably didn't think about the game's logistics thoroughly, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

Braver: You can give this the pseudo-Riposte effect treatment that Ashe already has, nulling your opponent's attempt on basic attack and retaliating with a Kagekiri after teleporting to your opponent's back. Obviously, if you're a Kensei, this gives you a Sacred Art status (or uses it, if you already have one) and I think this can give way for different combos. Maybe with your Scaled SKI to determine the chances of it proccing? And a cooldown of 3 rounds to keep katana dorks from running all over the place for being too lucky.

Gae Bolg: A Lingering Damage (Pierce!) with the LV based on Scaled SAN/2 as an On-Hit Crit effect with a duration of 2, or boost the LV if the status is already in effect when scoring a crit and reset the duration.

Shredder: A Scaled SAN/2 bonus damage against enemies with Frostbite or Frozen status.

Nirvana: Has a chance of inflicting Hesitation after reducing the opponent's HP to red. In addition, any attack from this weapon negates Slash Resistance.

Creed: Treated as having Sneak status for the purpose of Sneak Attack skill. Alternatively, having this weapon negates Blind Fighting when using Invisible Weapon and/or if attacked by enemy with Blind status─though the latter may or may not still be countered by Beyond Sight.

Kigal: A pseudo-Last Chance skill with a chance of proccing based on scaled SAN. In addition to that-- or alternatively, a Second Chance/Revive treatment with a cooldown of 5 round that brings them back a certain percentage of HP lost. Maybe one that ignores status which prevents them from getting back up like Interference or Certain Defeat to live up to the book's mythos a bit.

Artemis: A chance of your Momentum refunded when using Annorum from Ranger, determined by Scaled SAN x 1.8. 

So, yeah.
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I like this
I'd say Gae Bolg should be an improved version of Gae Baed, or interact with Cursed Wounds in some funny way.
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(10-24-2021, 04:13 PM)Snake Wrote: I'd say Gae Bolg should be an improved version of Gae Baed, or interact with Cursed Wounds in some funny way.
I thought about it but decided that I'm not too sure about suggesting to make it resemble a better version of Gae Baed, given that they're two separate weapons despite their similar origin. And it would basically erase any reason the latter exists, however big or small. But I can think of a way this weapon interacts with Cursed Wound.

Quote:Gae Bolg: Debilitates an opponent suffering from Cursed Wound with a random hex status with a LV of 4 and a duration of 2, chances determined by Scaled SAN/2─may not be inflicted by the same status if it's still in effect. In addition, any attack from this weapon on those suffering from Cursed Wound inflicts them a Cursed Wound's LV/2% Fray with a duration of 3 before the damage is dealt. Can restore the duration of the Cursed Wound's status for every successful critical hit, but it can never go beyond its starting number.
My own idea goes as this:

Gae Bolg

Passively doubles the duration of Cursed Wound inflictions.
On-Hit: If the enemy is inflicted with Cursed Wounds, there is a SAN% chance based on its LV that the attack will be a Vorpal Strike (or Interference, if player enemy).
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