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Full Party
Simple request again:

We should be allowed 8 person parties, OR... an eventmin should be able to inject people from outside a battle into another!
This is more an event sort-of thing, rather than much else, but it would make a lot of event-based stuff for PC event-runners and eventmins alike. That way, people can form a full party against an eventmin's raid boss, or even an eventmin could inject players onto the bad guy's side.
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That'd be rad, especially to make over-the-top battles against bosses less tedious with parties of 4 having to swap every few thresholds.

Dev plz make this happen.
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I don't see why not, especially if it gets people going and not just sit on the side waiting until the time comes for them to 'switch' - I cannot not find that off. With that said this won't completely solve the problem, but at the very least it would make the battlefield feel more alive - that people are doing something - even if you cast aside all the PvPs from public events and just focus on the player-driven conflict.
Aye, that would be pretty gucci. Having a third wheel is fun for nobody, really - and I do get a feeling (though I might be wrong) that it isn't too difficult to add. Nor sure how it would reflect on the UI though.
The new UI has had updates to accommodate extra party members past the usual 4, so I hope that is a sign as the addition being a possibility. As far as eventing goes, I think it'd be a huge boon and would allow for more epic battles to take place while also allowing more people to take part in the same amount of time.
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