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Trait Suggestion - Starsign Realignment
As there are no starsigns that cover sound or acid, there is no possibility of utilizing Luminary Element for dedicated mages to utilize these elements to their fullest extent, and I think being able to explore a concept like that should be allowed with far less tedium than it currently has, hopefully these are lore-friendly but here are some examples of traits I thought up that would probably be fitting. I would not mind spending a 2nd trait point for this kind of thing, especially since acid and sound are not commonly resisted, I think that extra trait point cost is justified.

Whether you're a corrupted who cannot access sound ATK so easily, or a mage who cannot really afford to invest enough GUI to make acid ATK worth it, I think both of these traits would come in handy very quickly.

Quote:Argent Constellation - Requires Venus Starsign

Attune yourself with a greater familiarity of a great serpent, this trait replaces your Venus starsign with an alternate version, which increases your GUI by 1 and acid ATK by 3, these bonuses double during the same months that Venus Starsign normally would.

Quote:Heron Constellation - Requires Jupiter Starsign

Attune yourself with a greater familiarity of true herons, this trait replaces your Jupiter starsign with an alternate version, which increases your SAN by 1 and Sound ATK by 3, these bonuses double during the same months that Jupiter Starsign normally would.
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It wouldn't be a bad idea at all to make it cost more TPs, we barely have many things to spend on in more down-to-earth races like Glykin anyway.
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Yeah, dev is gonna make those elements usefull someday...

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