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Lore Questions: November (2021)
To what extent could elementary magics be put to use in day to day practicalities?
For example, could wind magic help you sail, glide and even fly?
Could you create cave systems with earth, or even create and move land?
fire seems pretty straight forward, but some limitations to be known would be nice
ice as well, but perhaps knowing if you could freeze water or define blocks into something akin to ice sculptures with precision.
even lightning with powering some form of technology based on electricity
this of course goes for dark light water and the others i missed
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Questions related to familiars this time! 

-What kind of entity would a familiar be considered? The Familiar Lady in Karaten mentions a ritual or process that allows one to create them, but does that imply that one is basically creating life, or is more like putting a spirit into a vessel to act as a servant? 

--If they are "alive", does that imply they have a soul?

-How sentient/self aware/intelligent could a familiar be?

-Are they widely used outside Karaten?

-Do they have a limited lifespan and naturally expire, or can they remain as long maintenance/focus is provided?
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A bit late but I'd like to ask a niche question/confirmation of the magically formed (non-fusion) variety of Homunculi.

As we're aware, Amalgama/Salamandra follow by in large the normal rules of physiology. They
Quote:'are very similar to normal mortals by design. They may eat, sweat, cry, bleed, and so on. Although artificial, their bodies still contain necessary vital organs'

However, I'd like to clarify whether or not their artificial bodies are capable of (and if not, whether the creator can implement these capabilities) changing their body composition. More specifically:

-Can they Gain weight? (and if so, is it through normal biological processes?)
-Can they Lose weight? (and if so, is it through normal biological processes?)
-Can they Gain muscle mass (and if so, is this through exercising or some other means?)
-Can they Lose muscle mass (and if so, is this through neglecting exertion of those muscles?)

While the wiki page on Homunculi notes they do require nourishment to sustain their bodies it doesn't explicitly note whether this is only for maintaining their body as it is or whether natural biological processes can shape and change that initial state as given to them by their creator.
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