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Seras Yorhlyn - Nightmare Possession
Applicable BYOND Key - Catgirl Kunai

Character Name - Seras Yorhlyn

Request Type - Unique interpretations of game concepts + Character abilities or powers not provided to them by their race

Request Details -  This one is brief. Something tied to the character's backstory that should be an open issue with the Church and not a private matter for the ones who have looked into the 'issue' of 'a certain Kaelensia who houses Nightmare'.

An act of Sorcery in the middle of one expedition had a malevolent entity get bound to Seras's soul in a symbiotic pact. So neither can get rid of each other, and such is one of the goals of the Kaelensia lady, to get rid of it without dying, and hopefully once and for all.

I envision this to be but a mere roleplay hook and likely a thing for future player-driven events, and nothing else.

  • There should be bouts of emotional distress during Red Iahsus at night time in particular, or very late at night.
  • If Nightmare (somehow?) assumes control, it would just drive the Grimalkin to act like a mindless beast until they are clonked out or calmed through the use of Mercana, or if it corrodes another person's dreams to feed on it (by promptu turning it into a nightmare).
  • Sleeping around someone who is also sleeping makes both the Grimalkin and the people in a room range will be afflicted by horrible nightmares. This works to appease the entity, and is not a constant. It depends on how 'full' Nightmare is.
  • The entity grants the ability to perform Spirit Eating, but this ritual does not benefit Seras in any shape or form, it merely appeases the monster and makes it less active and easier to be controlled.
  • Nightmare openly and visibly hides onto the Grimalkin's projected shadow, and cannot escape it as much as it wishes. So from time to time, random 'yellow eyes' tend to open, look around and close. It cannot assume control unless the host is one-hundred percent mentally fragile, and their willpower is broken.

  • I don't envision any direct mechanical boons. At most, it's an excuse to be able to use Hexer for the hell of it. Most of what it would do can already be interpreted from the class itself. Rousing bad things, absorbing souls, el sadismo, etc.

  • Mercalan magic seems to be very effective to completely turn this entity inert, so does Light magic and Nature magic to an extension. Calming songs, lullabys, and positive emotions too.
  • Nightmare can be further drawn out by the opposite. Huggessoan magic tends to make it easier for the entity to assume control, and in worst cases, even let out a 'bit' of it to infect other people unintentionally. This 'bit' of Nightmare can be cured by any forms of healing, but if left untreated, can blossom into a similar case to Seras. (inwhichthenI'llaskthemtoapplyforitthemselves)

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - I find this a nice roleplay hook. It will be solvable, so the idea of this being permanent with the character is off the chart, for this is what motivates them to seek for a cure.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -

Lore-wise we have plenty of gaps that could allow the creation of a monster like that. The fusion of sorcery and necromancy manifested things known as 'Souls Tainted by Darkness', so I envision Nightmare being something like that, but not exactly souls, an entity of its own that is a ghost-type. Or perhaps even a Youkai that got summoned 'wrong' to this realm, and have been defiled by dark magics. Cursed Blood gives a hint that 'sorcery' involves a lot of things that a person cannot fathom normally, and that is the root of this problem. Assuming this to be either a rare Ghost-type monster (given Pale Lauders do work in the whole 'infection' deal), or a Youkai based on the Legion demon (given some of these are directly inspired by demons), this unique entity could be conceived through the misuse of sorcery, and so was the reason all began.

The 'roleplay' behind this, as is in the backstory, is the Grimalkin interrupting those vile rituals after investigating a village in Kysei that was suffering from low productivity and complaints of horrid nightmares. Case by case. The party of four adventured and found the culprit, and in their attempt to stop the Sorcerer, something wrong did not go right and the martyr of a catgirl took the brunt onto herself to save her allies. In the end they managed to destroy the only Sorcerer who had the knowledge of producing this monster, the whole place of the deed and confiscated everything else vile to deliver away to the Church's safe hands.

And since then, she's been cursed by this entity that constantly tempts her to release it on someone else. Something she will likely never do as long as she stays determined in this act of selflessness (unless everything goes wrong one day).


Quote:Requesting a monster to be made for the sake of this small RP Hook, stretching the possibilities Sorcery and witchcraft can reach.

By itself, without 'SL2 lore/logic influence', I envision 'Nightmare' as a monster that hops from body to body, chewing on dreams until it is strong enough to manifest physically, but currently unable to 'hop off' due to its current host being a Priest attuned to Light.

It was a weapon used by some Sorcerer to sabotage a village and get more 'subjects'. Which Seras and 3 more went to slap their shit off after investigating.

So in the middle of the final bout, Sorcerer releases the incomplete version of Nightmare and Seras does ye olde retardo and jumps infront of everyone.

Left there coughing black goo for a while while the party wiped the sorcerer.

Once fight was over the symptoms subsided, they broke the hideout and every ingredient used was ground, and the relics taken to the church. BUT

It didn't end there, now we have catgirl mom infected by the evil thingy that can't be killed by conventional means or else she also dies, so there's been a lot of research and theorycrafting on how to fix it, by yours truly.

So basically it's a RP hook with two future endings.

Ending A - they get rid of nightmare without killing the cat and this all is history, hooray

Ending B - this is used by eventmins for eeeevilllll, given its capability of spilling and spreading when mishandled by outside parties

As usual, I'm always open for discussion about it, so if there are any concerns or questions for clarification, please hit me up ASAP in Discord. I'm pretty sure you all already know it so yeah.
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Alright after giving this a read through I don't really see much of an issue as long as people get the chance to resist the 'Nightmare' and that they are made aware of it beforehand.

Which may unfortunately lead to people automatically just denying it or trying to instant solve it but I believe thats more on you and how you have to steer the story of your characters and the company they keep.

If it goes beyond just the dreams thing, I would ask either me or an eventmin for anything more dangerous.
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