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Heating up Solar Lance
Solar Lance is one of the few skills I don't think I've ever seen anyone use, probably due to the class it's in and how it tends to be entirely outclassed by other skills. Currently, it's a single target curate spear skill that caps at 130% swa, and delivers 100% fire atk after three turns if the target is struck with fire/light damage. The thing is though, priest doesn't really encourage spear use itself, and the delayed damage often means the target is dead before then in PvE, or gives the enemy time to pull out a red letter/Chun install to make your Solar Lance a moot point. Even if it goes off, 100% fire damage which is Def and DR reducible is kind of terrible, hence why it remains largely unused. The skill itself also requires quite a lot of rank investment for little gain (5% swa per rank).

While the damage could be buffed, I still think the skill itself remains a touch boring, so instead of that, I think the delayed damage status could simply cause the inflicted to lose (Solar Lance Rank * 2) Fire res. The main point of this is that the delay effect has an impact on the target other than just delayed damage, and would be a boon to the rare flame priests. At the same time, the effect itself plays into the supportive nature of curate, allowing Ally fire users to take advantage. 10% shred on a niche single target base class skill that lasts 3 turns isn't earth shattering by any means, BUT it'd put it on the radar as a legitimate and flavorful tool rather than a joke skill.
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I've quite literally only used this skill for memes, while it isn't the most unusable skill to ever have to use, it is entirely niche, and could stand an update of some sort, I'd likely advocate to make the explosion actually hurt, dealing 140% Light + 140% Fire ATK damage since its so delayed, and you can't stab a target multiple times with solar lance given its already existing restriction.

There's no need to boost the SWA amount given gemstone staves exist to make priest have a genuinely good build path AND being able to build staves at the same time.
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To sorta mix the idea of team support and making the secondary effect stronger.

I'd suggest something like bumping it so the spear's explosion damage is equal to 50% of the skill's initial damage (so 65% SWA at Rank 5) plus 50% of any incoming Fire and Light Damage, but it detonates at the start of the next Round once primed.
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Could make it a spell instead of a skill..
It would be nice if they actually do more than just fire damage that gets DR'd really hard, yes. Besides probably blowing up a Ghost at the last minute just after they proc Last Chance in previous round on the PvP, currently there isn't much other use with what we have on the skill - it's just a small, additional damage from igniting the lance.
Maybe the Solar Spear's damage should be stackable like Narcus, up to a Rank * 75 LV/damage cap, and deal non-absorb Fire damage at the end. So a whole party could focus on a single enemy and help the Curate stack it up.

Or maybe it should do a new damage type, 'Holyfire', if you deal fire and light damage to it while the LV goes up.

Idk, so much potential.
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