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This one is going to be short. As it stands, Riagri the spell without the usage of an excel weapon does far less damage for the FP it costs. So far it is only 100% weapon +12 damage, or +12 and half your youkai's will if only one bonded. Before or even after the weapon changes, this spell is still as underwhelming as they come.

Compared to other spells? Even youkai Evokers, this ability is rendered to pure gimmicks or ignored altogether.

So I wonder since it uses the element of your bonded youkai, or the first bonded, why not also add +100% element scaling based on the youkai's element?

So instead of 100% + 12 damage, I suggest 100% + 100% Element + 12.

Still weaker than most spells...No, almost all spells in the game but at least, it's a bit better than before.

Concerns: Wouldn't that make Riagri too strong with Excel? No, it would still be far weaker than some of the excel crush spells we have, like everything in mage (Fir, Rye, and so on)
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Riagri is boring, honestly.

It could be completely revamped, and buffing its numbers won't fix the essential problem with the fact it's just a Forked Shinken with extra steps. If only the projectiles like, homed into nearby enemies before turning into Youkai? That'd be the good shit.
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