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[Tool] SL2 Skill Point Calculator
Sigrogana Legend 2
Skill Point/Slot Calculator
Presented by Zerg/In-Sain Arcane Birdbrain

[Image: unknown.png]

This is little tool I made in order to help along build planning in regards to skill point allocation and determining how many skill slots you have to work with.

It's all done on Google Sheets, and you simply assign points to skills as you would in-game on the tables. From this, you can see how many slots you have to work with, the amount of slots you're over/under in order to fit what you selected, and more! The handling of special cases such as 2-point free slot equips and class effects are done automatically for convenience and accuracy. No longer make a build just come to find out that you don't have enough slots to work with~

Google Sheets link:

In order to use it, copy the sheet into your Google Drive to create a personal editable copy.

Any calculator questions, bugs, or improvements can be sent my way on Discord:  In-Sain Arcane Birdbrain#3867
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Thanks this tangentially also helps with pointing out which classes have absurdly more spendable points than the rest of the crowd.
Updated the Skill Point Calculator to reflect the changes present in the Korvara expansion, along with adding the new classes. The link in the original post will send you to the updated spreadsheet, so as usual just copy it into your Google Drive to use it.
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