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Can we try changing Diminishing Returns yet.
Either cap it at 50% effective returns or smooth out how harsh it ramps up, Its amusing buffing to 900 strength and just barely break over 100 effective scaled strength.
Im pretty sure you cant get 900 str... get yo numbers in order
(12-14-2021, 06:23 PM)adamkad1 Wrote: Im pretty sure you cant get 900 str... get yo numbers in order
It is quite possible as a joke to get your strength to 900 as a wyvern touched by just absorbing a fat poison, the point is that diminishing returns ramps  up so hard, that anytime you buff into the 100's you get almost non existent returns, I gained less than 10 scaled strength going from 800 to 900.

[Image: 549d098c97c7b234d674bed3d5b8a0f5.png]
Why would it be beneficial to disrupt an entire system just for the meme of absorbing poison back and forth many many times, you already get damage on Kick and Poison bite from unscaled STR if this is your true desire, get some Accelias if you want to meme harder.
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]
I was using it as an example of how LITTLE you get at even insane levels. What I want is for Maximum 80 investment to be worth more than its currently worth. I feel that 80+base should equate to atleast 65+base scaled, which would make it a bit better at its current level, I also want stat buffing to actually be worth doing, beyond the memes of luminary element and luminary bite.
I'm with Autumn on this one. Realistically, any stat over 90 besides Will for luminary is a joke due to scaling as it should be. Especially with how volitile the hit/eva game is, lessening the downward scaling would only go to encourage even more gouging into stats such as skill and cel. Most people don't much higher nor need more than around 60-61 scaled at the most in any given stat anyways, which the current curve works for. I'd rather not see the system become more destabilized just for memes when the amount of stats needed for it to matter require 40+ rounds of mechanical abuse to achieve anyways.
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I think they're fine as they are
Probably not a good idea to make the game more unstable.
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You say this without even looking into what the suggested change would do.

IF we make DR just a solid 1:2 line at 80 maximum point investment into a stat the only scaled difference is 57.5 to 60.
at 100 it would 70 scaled instead of 59.2, at 120 it would be 80 instead of 61.2 , at 140 it would be 90 instead of 63.1, any point beyond this is beyond what can actually be achieved outside of memes.
Probably not a good idea to make the game more unstable.

If this only influenced STR and WIL (alone), I'd shrug and say 'sure why not, big number'. But if this is generalized? It will influence CEL and SKI.

And god forbid you add an extra card to that wobbling castle of cards.
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