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Red Door Phenomenon Yuletide Party!
[Image: ExJxLnj.gif]
Red Door Phenomenon Rockbar is hosting a Beach Luau! if you want to escape the cold and enjoy a night-time beach party with acoustic music and festive foods and drinks, in a warmer part of the world this is the perfect chance! If you still want to feel the cold bite upon your skin, the beach is connected to a mountain trail that will definitely make you long for the warmth down below, just be careful with the path, it can be treacherous with rookie hikers!
But that's not the only activities available besides just socializing and stuffing yourself with holiday food, oh no..
[Image: 8PWirC3.gif]
There is a volleyball court, the sign specify the rules with dice rolls and how to use them, the rules should be simple enough to get the swing of it pretty easily, up to eight players, four per team can play!
[Image: lcULHjo.png]
Just don't block spiked balls with your face, or do, there is probably medical people around to help, maybe.
[Image: 59fdiY9.gif]
Want to have a nice swim with a destination to make you (and that special someone) remember forever? if you explore the depths of the beach waters enough, you might find a underwater entrance to a crystal cave, and it is guaranteed to be more breathtaking than the efforts to find it!
[Image: YvTyQG4.png]
It might be a challenge to beat the dice rolls necessary for this mini-game, but the destination is more than worth it.
[Image: QRRlfyY.png]
[Image: MqjO4u7.png]
Will you take the underwater adventure and explore the crystal caves? who knows, it might be the perfect spot to make special moments even more special, from romantic inclinations to fulfilling a adventurer's logbook of exotic places they visited, this place is sure to leave a impression.
[Image: fKuSZEK.gif]
Away from the party, there is a deep woods with a haunting presence, the Militia Captain Sean Rogers forebode anyone from entering this ghastly trap. Enter at your own risk, and you are sure to leave with a everlasting mental scar.
[Image: SCfAWPw.png]
And that is If you are lucky.
[Image: FGjpuZI.gif]
Is the travel to Tannis too tiresome? or is the initial one hour long hike too draining despite the gorgeous sights? no worries, we have five rooms to rent at the beach house in a different level of it than the occupying staff. For 800 Murai you can snatch one of the five available rooms, and share it with however (or how many) you want! you can stay one day in advance to be rested for the party coming the next day, as well the after-party barbecue beach episode that is sure to follow!
[Image: I6uZQdI.png]
1st Room     -     Rented
2nd Room    -     Rented
3rd Room    -     Rented
4th Room    -     Rented
5th Room    -     Rented
[Image: btgSugS.gif]
The grand finale of the luau! come to us to the fishing pier when the time comes and watch the glowing sea-life migrate to this warm waters as they run from the freezing cold, a natural spectacle that will be in your memories forever. Going in the underwater caves might be a spectacle in itself once they make the beach waters their new home, careful to not get zapped!
[Image: 43jIosd.gif]
On the following two days, you'll be able to come by and enjoy the party and its many activities to just relax, and enjoy some drinks and food ready to be served, who doesn't like a beach vacation after all? just drop in and enjoy!
Main day (18th)
16:00 EST - Start of the Luau
22:00 EST - Luminous Jellyfish Migration
After-Party Pt1 (19th)
14:00 EST - Beach Episode Barbecue!
After-Party Pt2 (20th)
14:00 EST - Even more barbecue!
Especial Thanks To:
Kira: For providing the event space and handling the rent of it icly.
Dragonruby: For being the eventmin that will handle the jellyfish
Red Door Phenomenon Staff: Every single one of you rock and I appreciate you!
For any questions feel free to reach me in Discord: Mewni#5722
OOC Location
[Image: PqA9bJi.png]
It's located at Tannis Residential
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