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Lore Questions: December (2021)
A bit late here but it's still open, so,

How do hexes work?

How do curses affect the target physically? I.E, Plisfa's Masochism prevents the afflicted from evading, Fellel's Fumble prevents the afflicted from attacking with their weapon.

Is magical inclination required to cast either?

Do they have verbal components like spells?

Can a curse or hex be applied for a significant amount of time to a living being?
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What is bodysnatching? In terms of the part of lore that pops up in the chatpanel. It's described something like Vampires starting the myth and such to get back at Glykins, but really what is the method and definition of bodysnatching here?
I have been reading up on chimera lore and intending to make one and while I feel the design is vague enough to allow for various interpretations I've gotten confused, specifically over PC Chimera.

While Chimeras are said to be 'humanoids capable of gaining various racial aspects' does this mean they originally were humanoids?

The overarching Homunculi thread says Chimera are modified lifeforms that are altered and it mentions two methods to do this. Either mutating existing creatures or fusing such things with mortal lifeforms

tl;dr, does a PC Chimera have to be made by fusing a humanoid lifeform with things like black beast parts and monster blood or could any common household animal be given the right parts to shape it into a humanoid version of itself and gain Chimera abilities?
tl;dr tl;dr, Can I take a house hold animal like a chicken/cow/cat and turn it into a human looking Chimera?
I forgot my last account's password. Oops.
What is the extent of advancement in marine travel in the Great Six? Is it around the same for every nation?
Would the closest real life parallel be around the Age of Sail-Age of Steam?

Also somewhat related, how advanced is Oniga's aircraft development and how well known is it around the world?
- Which units of measurement are used in the world?

The Imperial system could be easily translated into SL2 due to being based on averages, but is it safe to assume people can use the Meter? I ask because, if they can, and they came about the concept the same way (estimating the circumference of the earth), it would mean the SL2 planet could be the same size as Earth if it is the same portion of the distance called the Meter (one 40-millionth of the circumference).

Anyways... There's also always The Enlightenment just giving it to people, but even in that instance, I'd be curious of the basis of its origin, if people still remember it.

I just wanna be a nerd and draft documents on things like Homunculi, or Runes, or more normal arcane concepts, but I figured this was a fair thing to clear up in general.
How in depth/powerful can any form of mind control get? This includes illusions, charm, confusion, etc anything else I might have missed.
Curiosity has bitten me in the rear on this one..

1a - In Sigrogana Reaper and Apertauri are known for leaving Lazarus and guiding the souls of the dead back, and it presumable that they're the only ones who know of Lazarus entrance as a whole, presuming that they occasionally lead the dead back personally to Lazarus on that, what is the chance of a Reaper or Apertuari knowing of or doing the same in Korvara and speaking of the land to one another? I presume our underdark dwelling kin are not unlikely to conversate during their encounters before they return to their respective lands..

1b - Would a reaper/apertauri know of both lands in secret due to this, even if they lack the means to access the other essentially? I imagine it would be something they know not to speak of to the natives of the respective lands on and would hold it as secret to themselves, but neverless.
Do Zegrand Trees Produce Nuts, seedcones, or flowers or what?
1,000 Counts of 27.

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