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Make stat buffs/debuffs base(d)
In fight stat buffs and debuffs have always been in this weird place where they increase/reduce stats by a meaningful amount, but the change is made almost completely unnoticeable by the fact that most of the commonly affected stats tend to be invested in to a point beyond diminishing returns that make a +/- 5 or even 10 have very little effect. I thought of a simple change, which is simply to make stat buffs and debuffs affect your base stats, making them 100% effective every time. Suddenly death knighting makes you feel palpably stronger all around. Ki awoken feels like asending to another level altogether at a heavy price. Even goose bite works and leaves you feeling a little crippled all around. And hell, even the fairly plain stat boosts in the form of things like eastern wind and deadly aim might actually see some use. I admit that some of these might actually be a bit strong if stat buffs became base stat buffs, but I would rather see them slightly nerfed and widely used than basically useless due to a side affect of diminishing returns.
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