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Battlefield Awareness (Party UI)
Currently were at a point where you can only see your own health and FP and buffs/debuffs in party fights, a massive change from how it used to be that makes it very difficult to do any form of support or healer. The green range of health is massive and you have no idea if an allys buff has run out or not, even worse if they have any of the obfuscation abilities.

I would like a toggle to go back to the old HUD so I can see my allies buffs/debuffs/health. Or a trait or skill or something to be able to see it like we used to, maybe 'Tactical Awareness' or somesuch?

I feel like this honestly supports out of game communication heavily for no particularly valuable ingame purpose.
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Emphasis on 'Mask of metal' (TBH, it should only apply to enemies). It makes it so you shouldn't even bother double-clicking them, you will get nothing. RP is nice but i think we should be able to oocly see how badly someone is hurt so you can do the support job, rather than have people call out every time something happens to them.
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no need for trait

what would be really cool is being able to hover over your allies to see a 'HP bar/FP bar' on top of them, just like how you can see their movement range
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What about debuffs tho
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Atleast having all four healthbars on one screen would be nice if nothing else.
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That's true
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