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Fitting nothingness
So, I think fitting form should apply its bonus if you have an empty weapon slot (bare fists) or a nonweapon (maybe non-shield too) item in secondary. Why should only dual wielders get the best of it?
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I am 95% certain it used to do exactly this, but for some reason has stopped, I could be wrong but I explicitly remember this being a thing.

Regardless, it doesn't seem to be a thing right now after testing it.
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I've been on dual-wielding builds for as long as I can remember, so I'm probably (definitely?) going to be biased here.

I personally think it makes up for the lack of 2-handedness that one-weapon build has with the additional SWA, from an IC perspective you don't want to pack as much weight when you're wielding two weapon at once in your hands and make one so heavy that it feels wrong to have an additional weapon when you can just have one and put much of your strength into it as you swing or thrust. Besides, you won't be dancing the way a duelist focusing on just a single weapon would. Heck, you're a Ghost - you're imitating them seemingly light spectres on the crypts.

No, really - even if I want to deviate from the IC. It's hard to match up to the damage output of a melee Ghost with one weapon as a dual wielder, it's a blessing even to get one of your weapon's SWA to around 110-115 without Reaper enchants. Fitting form makes it easier to reach your full overall damage before the other does. Less initial damage, but easy progression for dual wielders. The two-handers starts off big and grows bigger at a slower rate. This is how I see it.

I'm in support with the shield counting towards fitting form, though - it would encourage a [insert any weapon]-shield Ghost build even.
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I don't think shields would be fine. Gloves would, however.
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