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The Songs of the Ivory
[Image: OsbornTraining.png]

Somewhere far, over the mountains of Lordwain. . . 
In the smaller halls; of simple building. An isolated chapel sits on the peak of many mountains..
A young man sits alone in his chair, and desk. Watching out the window to look into the light.
Though those grey eyes could never see any further; The beauty of the world..
Denied to this young man..
A old man approaches the young one; The wrinkled feature upon his face, the beard that adorns his jaw, and the tired blue eyes that seem weary with test of time. He offers a soft smile toward the young man, and extend his hand to put it on the man's hand, "My son.." The young man turn his attention to look toward his father, "Yes, father?" The father offers his son a nod. Turning to look out the window, then turns to look back at the young son. He reveals a soft chuckle, nodding with eager gleam in his old eyes.
"Do you wish me to describe the beauty of the world out there?' 
So spoke the old priest, the young son remains confused for brief moment. Before looking out the window; Though the world to him is vastly smaller. The further he sees out, the more lines he see. The more harder it is to see the true shape, the shine, the light, and even the colors.. The vibrant world denied to him.
He turns his attention back to his father, and with hint of hesitation. He nod. The old man smiles.
"My son.. For as long as I've lived; I've seen both Sigrogana's tragedy, and it's greatest moment." He pauses..
Then he finally goes to speak in full statement;
"Though as I've came to live such a long life as I am blessed to have. The world's beauty is not in it's physical form. Nay, it is not limited to what you see, Oh my son. For the world's beauty lies within it's residents. Those who lives, dies, rejoice, suffer. These people you may not yet see.. But they will become a frequent part of your life, My son. For as long as you draw these breath, you will come to meet many, and many more." 
The old man looks out the window. Giving a moment to evaluate the surrounding. He turns to look back at his son once more.
"So look at the window, my son.. You may not see the world as I can.. But I will describe them to you.. The mountains that dot these landscape, these beautiful white snow-caked behemoths. They towers over you like dragons. The sun rises, and shine upon it, giving sharp contrast of dark and light. Allowing us to witness the beautiful radiance of the sun itself in literal form. The Iahsus hangs over far above us, glowing in vibrant colors. Telling us in many form of colors.. And.."
He leans forward.. Then reveals a grin,
"Ah.. Today will be beautiful day again, Osborn.
Osborn pauses.. Looking up to his father once more. An expression of confusion dances across his face..
"They've came to visit."
And thus... 
They came..
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