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Main-ed Destiny
You know destinies? They are kinda dull. Pretty sure people mostly use them just to reinforce their RP (or just for memes). What if there was a perk that required Destiny (or just base effect for Destiny). Its effect would be simple: Both of your classes count as 'Main' Class
That would probably make destinies more appealing. Would it be op? Maybe. I don't know.
But it could help fix some things. Like, do you know that 'Grandmaster' skill from BK? It and the current tactician kinda defeat each other.
[Image: kTbQzUT.png]
Honestly, while I wont complain about giving Destiny a buff, making both classes count as Main definitely seems nice. I feel that it's perfectly fine right now.
The additional Skill Points make it appealing for those whom wish to broaden what skills or spells they have access to.

Although I will say that I have 5 characters that are Destinied, 2 Curates. 2 Soldiers, and 1 Mage. So there may be biases in opinion depending on which classes are worth Destinying into.
Like I said in the other thread, this could be a pretty strong boon for destiny users,and while some destiny users are already decently strong, the lack of diversity a destiny user can face in their class choice can warrant the ability for them to always be counted as main class in both of their respective classes, gives that feeling that Destiny has mastered the classes presented more than just here's 15 more skill points (which is still good, mind you)
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They really need something more ngl.
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