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[Tavern Rumors] A certain Lispoolian Tournament...
Rumors about a certain Tournament would likely be spread across the Great Six. No further details are given just yet, but if one would sit down and listen to Bards playing some advertising about it, they'd learn a few little bits and pieces.

[Image: unknown.png] "Hear ye, veteran adventurers! For a chance to test your mettle is to come. The prize reward of that only ever conquered by the paired strongest one."

[Image: unknown.png] "Set in the cold yet comforting enclosures of the Ivory Monastery, soon to be filled with a songs of war; Magic slung and metal parry. With your trusted ally you shall fight against two more, and through team strategies, put your opponents to the floor."

[Image: unknown.png] "A fair clash between your honed abilities is the expected, honorable rules about fairness should be respected. No Potions, Healing nor Gear Swapping allowed, in so to make your victories worth being proud."

[Image: unknown.png] "The time for combat is yet far long, around the 23rd mid-sun of this merry month, but be wary for a chance to get in. For glorious stories about the winners shall we will spin."

(Basically, this is a prelude to a 2v2 tournament that's going to happen in the Ivory Monastery, dated Sunday, January 23 at 2pm EST.)

(A proper announcement will likely be made later with the expected prizes and additional information, I just got ICly paid to write this lmao)

[Image: unknown.png] "Bah, running around everywhere across the Great Six singing advertisements is tiring you know?! Aren't we a little underpaid here?"
[Image: unknown.png] "Come on now, don't be such a baby, Jack-Midget. Where's your adventurer spirit?"
[Image: unknown.png] "Exhausted, granny Tunes. I feel frozen, dried, accursed and with an arrow to the knee. I wanna go back home..."
[Image: unknown.png] "Fine, fine. How about the Hearth for the final stop? Maybe you'll get to see that girl you fancy?"
[Image: unknown.png] "LET'S FUNKIN' GOOOOO!!!"
[Image: unknown.png]"Tee-hee."
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]

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