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(Please read the following threads if you require more context on the House of Dreams.)
[Image: WxF5ApO.jpeg]

[Image: coollogo_com-80772572.png]
Rumors begin spreading telling of secret pathways in the House of Dreams opening up, allowing those that wish to test their own ability to enter the magical floors possessing the Obelisks. They are strange statues capable of seemingly 'replaying' memories, mainly that of battles that have been fought in the past. It is currently unknown who created them, only that Pandora has been collecting the statues and is willing to let others fight their contents for her own research.
Those that successfully defeat the difficult encounters will win ethereal coins known as Obelisk Medals, which allows them to duke it out against even tougher battles.
Obelisk Trials are now available. You can fight against some enemies from previous events or even more unique encounters in the Obelisk Floors located within the House of Dreams. It is not possible to activate them without the assistance of Pandora or any of her associates, so players will only be able to do them when an assisting eventmin or myself are available for it! (We'll usually let you know if we are.)
Obelisks are categorized based on their difficulty. Clearing a harder battle will reward you more badges, which let you do some trials locked behind a medal requirement.
Normal: 500 Obelisk Medals
Hard: 1000 Obelisk Medals
GMD: 2000 Obelisk Medals

Additionally, an IC scoreboard can be found within the first floor, where you can see how many medals have been earned by others! There are no injury or death risks for failing a trial, but it's worth noting you can only get the medal reward from an Obelisk once per character. Obelisks can be re-attempted or replayed as much as you'd like during the period where the trials are active. Be warned these encounters are meant to be hard! Also, more floors get added once in a while.
Lastly, in order to find the Obelisk Floors, you enter the bottom right pond after going inside the House of Dreams. Picture below:
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
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