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Lilli - Character Creation
Applicable BYOND Key - Noobiecat
Character Name - Lilli
Request Type -  Character Creation

Request Details -  
I'm thinking of making a character that is 8 years old and i have a picture of her as well already, for a playby (Will past at the end of the page 2 options, whichever GM think it's best for use?).

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - 
I had the idea of creating Lilli, by being inspired from Little Witch Academia. But she wouldn't really be in Academy, but adopted by someone who already would accept her and she will even have her own sister, while she will be capable of learning magic and being forgiven if she explodes something by accident.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -
Lilli is a Leporidae that was abandoned by her mother at a Foster home. It wasn't regular Foster home because of it's magical aura around it. Being given the fact that it was at Karaten, she was able to be accepted because she also possess magic. But she wasn't aware of it and doesn't really know if she is capable of doing it either. But she knew what magic is and she did attempt to sneak into the library to read books about magic.
She doesn't really know how to actually do magic yet but she always gets busted in the library for being forbidden to get there, as she isn't allowed to learn any serious magic before she is 13, as she gets punished a lot by cleaning floors and being grounded in her room. Yet she always found a way to reach the library since she was a sneaky Leporidae and ends up in the library in the Foster.
She is desperate to learn magic but she was still too young to do it and so she was kicked out for being so persistent and not listening to anyone, even after being grounded and given lectures.

They saw that she wasn't really respectable towards anyone, so they didn't saw her worth being taught any magic and now that she is homeless, she will end up meeting a nice woman that will adopt her and give her roof to live at, as she will also have a non-blood sister, which is something she always wanted to have. But she also stole some magical books from the library while being sneaky before she got kicked out and now her little kitty bag possess books that will teach her magic but she eventually will lose focus on the magic as she really wants to enjoy her family untill she become 13 to get reminded about the magic books she have that she told them about.

Playby Picture of Lilli:
 [Image: 40cfbb0d1c2439e6470c9b53f2a02e61e1f867fd.jpg?3623204]

[b]Second Option: 
[b][Image: ef791c493998c656b69ffb8d614fb94cf5194dfa.jpg?3429258] [/b]

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I don't see any issues here. Feel free to use either as a playby.

You have my approval, go for it with adherence to the rules below.

Child Character Rules:

* If your character is considered to be a child or pre-teen, they must behave like one. They can't be powerful or all-knowing, nor act like mature adults in child's bodies. This includes being a master craftsman before the age of 13, or becoming an expert in any particular field. (You can still mechanically grind a crafter, just don't reference it ICly until you've aged up.)

* No serious IC combat. Children are weak and won't be able to defend themselves, no matter their upbringing. You can still RP combat as a student of some form, but your abilities will not be mechanically viable and you should not be fighting mechanically in IC. (This is to avoid a level cap, so you can still enjoy the mechanics of the game OOCly)

* No sexualized content of any kind regarding or in reference to the child character, on or off game
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