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The Flame Badger Company Post Mortem
(01-30-2022, 08:01 PM)jintheblue Wrote: I appreciate you taking the time read through this admittedly long and rambling text. As much as I am disappointed that the guard rarely got involved with the badgers, aside from the aborted raid, and a few instances of yelling at Ignis for insisting people pay protection money. Every guard player I've had to deal with in relation to the badgers has been lovely.

Like the badgers themselves, the system is at fault. A system that thankfully is already undergoing a rework, even if that rework began long before the badgers began, and has since out lived them.

Hi hello. I played Julien. Now, the reason for the raid not happening was largely in part due to two reasons which I feel I am at liberty to state given that this absolutely influenced my ultimate decision AGAINST going to bat with the Badgers.

Every report received on the Badgers was noted for future reports. For every report we had of suspicious Badger activity, we kept that in mind when moving forward. When it was brought to Julien's attention about the 'slave pens', the intention was to do a soft sweep of the area and to find hints, all while not raising any suspicion in the IC. OOC, I already had an inkling about the badgers. What mattered was that in the IC, Julien's suspicions are founded given that there have been handful of reports about them. When Julien found nothing, he remained cordial with the badgers, but his suspicion never waivered.

It was until ANOTHER person brought the runaway Badger to his attention that it became clear that the Badgers needed to be raided. They were clearly hiding something that could not be found with a casual or thorough inspection. The intention of the raid, however, was that it was SUPPOSE to be an IC secret raid. OOC, I would've informed you if and when we had the numbers and tiime sorted. But apparently, it got out from within the Guard who then blabbed to an uninvolved citizen who was involved with the Flames, thus ruining the whole point of the raid and ultimately killing any drive to continue the plot because this felt like another Black Falcon situation where more people were pro-crime but also suppose to be a guard.
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