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The Flame Badger Company Post Mortem
Nobody's spreading misinformation about the guards in this thread.
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(02-04-2022, 04:31 PM)Autumn Wrote: I'd rather misinformation wasn't spread as statements against the guard, but this isn't the place to argue this sort of thing either given that the OP's intention probably wasn't to slander and annoy guards at all, and I'd rather keep this thread that way.
I only saw praise, and none of what you are implying that has been said.
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Hey Jin, after everything we've been through together throughout the years I just wanted to express my gratitude for allowing me to participate in the Badger storyline, and for stepping forth far beyond comfort zones to protect the players under your banner.

Knowing how far you'd go to bat for us granted a great deal of comfort and trust.

Thanks for the memories, and your effort.
[Image: giphy.gif]
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I'm sad this happenned at the moment I may had a chance to be part of

[Image: fade-away-oooooooooooo.gif]

Big love to Jin tho'

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