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[event] Strange looking bandits
Through the lands of the great six.
Bandits have been recently more active.

Oniga, Sigrogana, Lordwain, Kysei, Alstesia.
The local guards never had trouble to deal with a bunch of bandits before.
But those ones were different... Too powerful.
The number of crimes and casualties caused by the bandits only raised more and more...

You walk to the place you well know and may perhaps call it home.
The day is like any other day. The time feels good today. And the people seem at peace.
You come across one of the board and see a notice.
You read it :

"A strange group of bandits has recently been reported around the area.
They are mostly noticeable for their purple colors.
They are extremely dangerous and due to their activity, it is advised to be careful outside of cities.
They are not the average bandits. Please, if you see one, flee immediately and report it to the guards."

[Image: unknown.png]

Strange... What is happening ?


This is an announcement for random small events which are going to happen through all the great six !

So, how is this going to work ? :

There will be no announcement in forum or discord when a group of bandit is going to attack.
But it will be warned in game through the LFG tab.

When a LFG related to the bandits, it will stay up until someone has triggered conflicts against the bandits.

Is this a one time event ?

No. There will be multiple LFG related to the bandits on different time.
Enough for many player to at least try their chance once and for both america and europe timezone.

What the difficulty ?

The encounter for the strange bandits are HARD.

There's a chance you loose the encounter. Especially if you are not prepared.

Does that mean we need to be in group ?

There's conveniently encounter for :
Solo players
two players
three players
and four players

Good luck and good hunting.
Keep an eye to the LFG

[Image: 7fb29487f7.png]
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An intriguing article on the papers gets your attention :

"After a long period of activity. The crimes commited by the strange bandits have suddenly stopped in all parts of the great six.
The reason of their cease is unknown, althought suspected it is due to a conflict against adventurers which as forced them to cease activity.

Few groups of the "gang" has been observed destroying their own hideout before moving out. Since those last events, no strange bandits has been see praticing any kind of crimes on any lands.
It is as if they simply vanished... Where did they go ? Who were they ? Why did they act that way and how did they got those powers ? Are questions that hardly can be answered. Especially when it appears some of the bandits had died when trying to answer.

Many adventurers have been dealing with the strange bandits while they were still active. Some have been handed to the local guards, some killed and others kept by some of the adventurers themselves.
Despite the many conflicts between bandits, authorities, adventurers and mercenaries. The bandits were still acting everywhere in mass, but thanks to our heros, many have been stopped and dealt with.
Perhaps one day we will know what was their goal. "



There it is. Finally, the bandit arc has ended.

Thank for everyone who has put interest on it, participated and investigated the accidents.

That means there will not be LFG related to the bandits anymore. The bandits have retreated to "who knows where".

HOWEVER ! If you have investigated on them and worked your way to discover more about their group. DO NOT WORRY !
The information you have collected are not wasted.

There will be more incoming. Be patient, and keep an eye out.
The great six may need your help again.

[Image: ombre.png]

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