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Rotting bodies found atop grain silos throughout Kysei and Sigrogana
Many farms throughout Kysei and Sigrogana have reported finding humanoid corpses atop grain silos.  The corpses were all in terrible states of decay and rot, many overtaken entirely by fungi, as though they had been there for many years.  This has occurred even in newly built silos, that have not existed long enough for a body to reach such a state of decay.

Attempts to find common grounds between the incidents has revealed a strange fact.  Although the farms had average harvests, they all had significantly above average wheat exports, with some farmers noting that "the grain just seemed to stay fresher."
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Interesting rumors continue to abound about these corpses.

Some farmers are saying the bodies are some kind of ward against rot and decay.

Others are saying that disturbing these bodies are causing curses to befall the farms.

These rumors aren't consistent, but they all correlate around one thing: removing the body causes bad things to happen to the harvest.

And judging by how much grain was exported from farms reporting these bodies, perhaps there is some truth to that?

However, that's not the only development.

The same rumor about corpses that prevent food from rotting has sprung up, seemingly out of Law's End, spreading to Oniga. Some citizens are talking about how those corpses would improve shipping logistics, since Oniga relies heavily upon imported food to survive, but the feeling is far from universal. Many Onigans gag at the thought of intentionally shipping a human corpse with their grain.
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It seems that there are no longer any more bodies being placed atop silos.  There's still occasionally another discovered, but the rate has dropped significantly.

It's clear that the bodies have stopped being placed, or is at least being placed an order of magnitude less.

However, a new Mercalan prayer can be heard at dawn in these same areas, this prayer is not one from any normal holy book.  While regional prayers are commonly not in a holy book, it is rare for a prayer to crop up in simultaneously in many areas.

Quote:"Blessed be Mercala, who's grace is as golden as the wheat we sow.  Just as this single grain may be the seed that blossoms from the ground and spreads food, may our lives be the seed that blossoms forth and spreads your joy and harmony to all.  As dawn reaches xanthosis, so too does our prayer.  To you, in your golden light of dawn, we ask of you, give us the chance to show your mercy to both those who do not know it, and those who mistakenly inhibit it's spread.  Amen."

It's not a lot of people giving this prayer, but enough to be notable.

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