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[All Boards] Grimwatch
[Image: unknown.png]


"Scientia, veritas, et proelium"

Grimwatch is a private chataran based corporation, it acts independently from the chataran government. The corporation specializes in the intelligence sector, gathering intelligence which it then sells to interested parties at high prices. It also has a strong presence in the security sector, and, the arcane research.

The Administration
[Image: Office.png]
"So much work to do... thankfully, J'ai beaucoup de temps"
—Vincent Lacroix, General Director Of Grimwatch.
The Administration lies at the highest point of the Grimwatch Tower HQ. Conversations are whispered as if it were a graveyard, hence, the top floor is almost dead silent. Upon opening the door at the top floor, you would be greeted with a reception and a long hallway full of doors, which, at the end of the hall, resides an imposing large black door.

The following members of the administration can occasionally be found here:

General Director - oversees the general management of the corporation, along with setting the corporation's mission. Responsible for a plethora of tasks and assigning operations.

Vice President - The vice president is the pipeline for communications between the General Director and the board of directors. Any wants or needs the board of directors have, will first have to be reported to the vice president, who will then escalate the report to the CEO.

The Departments

Intelligence Department
[Image: unknown.png?width=835&height=470]
"So uh... did you read the report once again?"
"Man, I'm so tired"
"Je n'en ai rien à faire. Read it again and make sure is all correct..."
—A casual day in the Intelligence Department.

The intelligence department is a hectic department, with intelligence agents working like no tomorrow, and the intelligence director, supervising every activity. Papers are strewn over tables, chairs are left jutting halfway out of their desks, the smell of coffee and landlaughter hanging over the room as its occupants work underneath the amber glow of the lights overhead.

The following roles work in this department:

Intelligence Director - Manages the intelligence department and associated personnel.

Intelligence Officer - Coordinate with field agents and set priorities for them. Document intelligence gathered from field agents.

Field Agent - Travel to various continents. Gather intelligence pertaining to B.D.P sightings, monsters, caravan routes, the economy, politics, and other areas that are worth looking into. Information is of value to someone, somewhere, and as long as that holds true, money can be made using the information learned.

Security Department
[Image: unknown.png?width=1200&height=465]
"Hey Lafayette, how did the operation in Gold go?"
"Targets were neutralized, Sir. No drawbacks whatsoever."
"Magnifique. Send the pictures to the nerds at the Intelligence Department."

The security department is instantly recognizable by its hallways, which have a single streak of red running along both the left and right walls, leading to other areas of the department. It is here where the corporation's lawyers put pen to paper in their offices, to make sure the corporation isn't sued for a field agent's mistake on the field. The quartermaster can also be found here, supplying equipment to Grimwatch personnel.

The locker room is where the armed members of the security department change into their uniforms and prepare for the day's shift. There is also a break room for security staff. A special cache of firearms are kept safe within the security department's armory, behind a locked and booby-trapped metallic door. Only the security director can lift the lock-down on the door. Attempts made to brute force the door won't end well.

The following roles work in this department:

Security Director - Manage the security department and associated personnel.

Grimwatch Black Ops forces  - Bend to the corporation's will and become its sword. Respond to situations the corporation deems too risky for other personnel to handle.

Grimwatch Security Team - Keep Grimwatch's HQ in Chaturanga safe. Divided into two types of guards: Inner perimeter and outer perimeter guards.

Grimwatch Mercenary - As a trained mercenary, work on contracts Grimwatch was hired for by travelling out to the various continents where needed. Grimwatch Mercenaries are the corporation's guns-for-hire that can be contracted by people.

Arcane Department
[Image: unknown.png?width=837&height=470]

"Audi nos, carissimus pater!"
—Rumors of a chant that was heard by an agent in the lower levels of the Grimwatch Tower.

Deep below the Tower lies the Arcane department. It is a massive network of labs and workshops kept in pristine condition. The Acolytes and Sorcerers work in unison in order to research new things in the arcane world. The inquisitor, head of this department, is very private and demanding with his research.

There are labs for the Sorcerers and Acolytes, and workshops for the Engineers. Unlike the rest of the other departments, the people here are very kept to themselves, almost eerie.

The following roles work in this department:

Inquisitor - Manage the arcane department and associated personnel

Sorcerer - Arcane researcher with expert knowledge of magic and its uses

Acolyte - Initiate in the mysteries of the arcane, assist Sorcerers until the ritual of progression comes.

Engineer - Repair equipment, work with a researcher who holds a similar area of interest, construct mechanations with permission from the chataran government.

Treasury Department

[Image: unknown.png]
"To be successful, you need two things: Murai and connections. And managing the former is my forte. Which coincidentally makes me good at getting the latter."

—Terratus, Treasury Director.

At the top of the Grimwatch tower along with the Administration, lies the Treasury Department. The offices are kept pristine as well of the furniture. Members of said department are always busy keeping track of the corporation's funds and expenses.... Its director makes sure of it.

Bundles of papers with complex mathematical formulas are seen on the desks, sharp gazes follow you around as if you have invaded a sacred sanctum. Workers here keep their nose buried under the routine of calculating murai flow. The environment, in spite of being silent, is pretty efficient and cold

The following roles work in this department:

Treasury Director - Manage the treasury department and associated personnel

Economist - Study the production and distribution of resources/murai, goods, and services by collecting and analyzing data, researching trends, and evaluating economic issues.

Accountant - Record transactions, compile and analyze data, perform audits, assist with budgets and financial forecasting, compute taxes and so on...


Hello~!  I decided to create this guild as an outlet for your characters that fits the typical stereotype for a researcher, agent, and or mercenary. The goal of this organization is to research matters of the arcane and collect data on various topics. If you feel that you would like to join, why not check our discord?

I took inspiration from another post I once saw, and it led me to creating this. Hope you guys like it, we have events planned for the future~!
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