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(Quest Chain) Haunted Trails
Haunted Trails



Haunted Trails is a little side project I've been working on bit by bit in my spare time. I usually reserve my spooky spirit related events for Halloween time, but I get tired of Halloween only rolling around once a year, so this project is going to be a collection of short, vaguely interwoven events that I will do time to time that fall under the same theme.

All of these events will start and end in one sitting, but there will be a couple of overarching things that will tie them together for people who decide to regularly come to these as I make them.

These events will be horror themed. I do not plan to often include mechanical combat in these, they will be largely puzzle solving and deduction with a big emphasis on narrative and atmosphere.

When I post a new Haunted Trail, I'll put it in this thread and throw up a signup in the main server and a few other ones I'm a part of. All of these events will be -at most- 8 players. It's hard to maintain a scary atmosphere with a small army of folk wandering around the area.

As with most things I do, investigation is welcome, even outside of the events...



Rumors have begun to spread across the Great Six of a mysterious figure looking to enlist the help of able bodied adventurers to investigate various 'haunted' and enigmatic locations. 

A little bit of digging into the matter would provide you with a name, "Madame Crawthorne" and directions to a Tavern in Southern Alstalsia. There, you will find a board that she seems to regularly maintain, though the regular denizens of the Tavern couldn't tell you when they last saw her come there. Most days the notices just seem to appear out of seemingly thin air.

The enigmatic woman seems to be willing to pay out money to those willing to brave these locations, at the very least...

The Faded Estate

On top of a forlorn hill, an old domicile stands vigil over a village plagued by disappearances...
A new post has been made to the board.

The Emeridge Estate has been a staple sight of the village for as long as anyone living there could remember. Carl Emeridge, the former owner of the Estate, was an eccentric man who preferred to live by himself. He had no wife nor children to speak of, all of his elder family deceased. He rarely ever strayed from the Estate, save for Yuletide where he made a brief appearance to see the town tree lit. Most people of the village will tell you that Yuletide was a sad time for Emeridge, but scarcely will you ever manage to get an elaboration.

Two decades ago, Emeridge did not appear for Yuletide. It took another month before people realized that the lights of the Estate had not come on in that entire time. The Marshall investigated the situation and found that Emeridge had passed away in the armchair in his study. No signs of foul play were found.. but the Estate seemed to hold a sort of dour aura about it. The Marshall quickly corded the place off and forbid anyone from the village from going there.

Over the next two decades, the Village would be home to a series of disappearances and strange happenings around the grounds of the Emeridge Estate, investigations into these disappearances came up fruitless...

I have reason to believe the Estate.. Carl.. and these disappearances are all linked together. Investigate the situation and turn your findings in to me and you will be handsomely rewarded

~Madame Crawthorne~

Total party limit: 8

Chance of Injury: Moderate

No mechanical combat.

Sign ups are closed! There will be another Haunted Trail next week!

My target date to do this event is Thursday the 28th at 6 PM EST
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The Well of Sickness

In a remote village deep in a isolated bayou, a Well screams out at the night...


A new posting is made to the board.

I have caught wind of a small village in the south western fringes of the Empire that seems to be suffering from a particularly potent haunting. I believe it may be close to the same severity as the Estate. People in the surrounding area have reported that the village seems to have fallen under some sort of haze. The locals reportedly becoming lethargic over the course of the last few months.

What little livestock they keep has been getting sick and passing away with little evidence as to why. Additionally, people have been going missing in the surrounding Bayou. This is not an uncommon occurrence for places like that, but given strange rumors regarding 'ghost lights' surrounding the village I believe they may be connected.

I would like to see this investigated, and as usual, there will be a reward for those who bring me information.

Keep your mind open, there may be more than one culprit, this time.

~Madame Crawthorne~

Sign ups are closed!

Chance of Injury: Moderate (You may come away with a sickness as well)

Max Players: 8

My events run pretty long, be ready for that.

No mechanical combat

Projected Event Date: 6PM EST May 12th, 2022
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