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TLDR;An Entertainment Lounge Coming Soon in Cellsvich with Player talent as the main attraction and slight vampiric undertones.

[Image: nwA3Jci.png]

Ladies, Gentlemen, those who are neither, either, and every which in between. I, Chandra, Denizen of Darkness, Madam of Misfortune, etc etc, bid you welcome to our little performance lounge. Or I would, but our lounge is currently going through renovations and isn't yet fit to welcome you properly. ReVamp, the name of our little lounge. Its purpose is two fold. Firstly, to allow all races a chance to revamp themselves no matter their lot in life. Second, to give those with a penchant for the performing arts a permanent venue to practice and perfect their craft. Do note that those who do not have respect for all races or the performing arts are not welcome. For transparency, while I will be dealing with most matters, I am not the sole proprietor of the establishment.

"I personally invite any concerned parties to my personal quarters for an imitate exchange until we have exhausted all possible concerns."

"A little preview of what's in store."

ReVamp Yourself

♫ Everyone in this world must play with the cards that we're dealt,
Whether we dress ourselves in finery, rags, nothing or pelt~ ♫

♫ The game is rigged against us stacked up past the sky,
A sight so heart breaking it could make a girl cry~ ♫

♫ I'm here to offer a deal you've got nothing to waste,
Entertainment palatable for nearly every taste~♫

♫ Revamp your life~
Revamp your death~
But more than anything else~
Revamp yourself~ ♫

[Image: fy5Rizh.png]

"That should be enough to have your thirsting for more~"
(Full song to be displayed when the lounge opens officially)

OOC Information

I am putting together a nightlife hangout area. Located in the Bottom Right corner of Cellsvich. The draw of this particular hangout area is player curated entertainment. I will be attempting to write a new song every month, and performing at least once every two weeks barring any real world circumstances. I hope with the upcoming addition of the bard/dancer class that it will help the community get into the spirit of things. While there may be drinks provided, this is not a bar and drinking will not be the primary focus of this establishment.

Discord Invite Link:

Be sure to follow established rules of Sigrogana. Additionally, we reserve the right to kick or bar any individual(s) who are looking to cause trouble or act less than civil. Antagonistic action is encouraged to be coordinated with the Revamp staff out of character so that it may be approved and done correctly.

Anyone who wishes to perform, join the staff, or request more information can either DM (MeanGrim#7658) on discord, or talk to Chandra aka Makuped Matron ICly.
Oh, the growing glee everybody wants to be my enemy.
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