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War at Dremaka

A sovereign kingdom on an island situated between Gold and Egwyn.
Where the people likes a good fight between friends just before a night of booze.

They lived peacefully on their own terms before their lost prince Artyom Falken suddenly came back.
First overjoy by his return, they were rapidly deceive when that same prince turned against the king.

The prince was an impostor. A minion in service of one lich.

But many Dremakians are still not believing it. Considering the impostor has the real prince, and a traitor.

Darbrae's troops are far superior in number. A mass they wouldn't expect.
Their King is already gravely wounded and they already lost a lot of warriors.
Facing that unbelievable threat, Dremaka has no choice but to ask for exterior help.
They invite adventurers and mercenaries to take part on the war. They have not much to share but a good weight of gold.

The Dremaka troops themselves will fight as best as they can.

[Image: flag.png]


This is the start of the new string of events regarding Lord Darbrae.
And a direct continuation of the strange bandits events.

This time Lord Darbrae has declared war on a sovereign kingdom using a fake prince for reason that are yet unknown.

Dremaka is outside of the great six. An island between Oniga and Egwyn.
It is possible that your character would have no interest to help Dremaka outside of the pay.

Unless your character has been investigating the purple bandits and Lord Darbrae.

SO. How is it going to happens ?

Each weeks, Darbrae is going to launch an attack against Dremaka.
It will be the job of the players to reduce the damage caused by the ennemies troops as much they can.

Dremaka's kingdom has a hp pool equal to 1000.
Each troops send by Darbrae will cause a certain amount of damage depending on how succesfull the players are to block the attack.

To block an ennemy attack, the player party will be engage into a mechanical PVE fight.
The players will first choose the difficulty of the fight.

Once in a fight, ennemies will inflict damage depending on how many rounds you took to clear them out.
To make it fair to everyone, each difficulty has a free round before enemies starts doing damage.

Easy & Normal : 1 round before damage
Hard & Very Hard : 2 round before damage

HOWEVER, if a player party is defeated by an enemy troop. The enemy troop will immediatly cause all of their damage to the kingdom.

Each attack launched by Darbrae will have multiple waves. At the end of the waves, the players will be fighting a boss fight.
During the boss fight, EASY difficulty will be disable.

The kingdom will obviously receive damage.

But do not worry. Because outside of the attacks, your character still can help.

Through IC actions, your character can rebuild defense. Augment the maximum of the kingdom's lifepool and perhaps even install neat bonus for the players on the next attacks.


War efforts takes time, and so every player will be able to do only one efforts before each attack.
Once the kindgom has been attacked. The player will be able to act on war effort again.
(notes : To avoid abuse, a player can not use multiple of their characters for doing more war effort. Even if they have more than one character, they will be able to do only one war effort action.)

Those results will be obtained by your IC interaction with the kingdom AND ONLY THROUGH IT.
Creativity on your interaction will be rewarded.

But so, how does those IC interaction works ?

When a player decide to do a war effort, they need to state their intent and how they wish to contribute on helping the kingdom.
After their intention were made, they will be met with multiple question which could be complication or different events on their war efforts.
Those question can come any time, with an interval of few minutes or between days.

Once all events on their war efforts have been resolved, results will show depending of their actions.

Where does all of this will take place

War efforts will take place directly inside of the discord server made for the event.
The discord server can be found there :

While the mechanical fights will take place in game, inside the event house made for it.
You can visit the town of Dremaka and hang there anytime you want.

[Image: unknown.png?width=708&height=676][Image: unknown.png]

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