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Quest Event Dungeons!
Word spreads... word about certain areas becoming more noticeable to the world as a whole. People have visited these places with many different objectives in mind, such as adventuring and research or even simply passing the time. These special areas appear to have monsters lurking around, which is pretty bad.... or good, depending on if you're looking to make money!
What's this thread, you might wonder? This is meant to provide some IC snippets on upcoming Quest Dungeons! These dungeons are event areas in which you might carry out different tasks from quests listed in this thread, whihc could be a lot of different things. Sometimes, they'll ask you to defeat a specific monster in the area, and sometimes you'll be asked to retrieve an item. Occasionally, you might actually have to save a NPC!
So how's this work? The dungeons themselves are split into blocks. Some of them will be as simple as 4 big areas, while others will be 9 fields and some might even be 16 areas!
[Image: dungeon_sample_1.gif]
There's a base reward for the quests, but you're able to find additional loot through the dungeon in the form of chests... or even puzzles! Quests might have varying difficulties, such as Easy, Normal, Hard or Legend, with different amounts of rewards. However, it won't be so easy, there could be monsters located within certain blocks of the dungeon. And depending on the quest difficulty, they might be rather challenging to you. If a party is wiped two times, then the reward you receive will be much smaller in comparison to the original and the amount of chests you can open in the dungeon will be limited. Sometimes, unexpected strange things can happen during a quest, such as the appearance of a very strong foe... or a terrifying thing.
Fought a strong encounter and need to patch up? It's alright- just head back to the starting block of the dungeon and over to the safe zone. In this area, no enemies can attack you and there's an innkeeper that can heal your party!
[Image: dungeon_sample_2.gif]
And that's the basic gist of things. The extra details such as rewards and quest objectives will be mentioned in Pandora's Quest Board. It could be different things, such as simply killing a swarm of strange Jammers or perhaps dealing with a Purgatory/White Door...?!
Feel free to keep an eye out if you're interested in making some money and EXP, collecting some loot and RPing with your friends in a special dungeon! The following posts will be lore snippets of dungeons as they come.
(Note: There might be player limits for some quest sign-ups.) 
(Another link to Pandora's Quest Board if needed:
[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: diamond.png]


"Friends! Friends! Let's go play with the snow and do some cool stuff! I wonder if the nice lady has some cool stories today, too..."
Amongst the snowy lands of Lordwain lived a once beautiful mountain that became a tourist attraction, now left abandoned after ice monsters seized the area. It has seen better days.
[Image: solstice1.png]
An ice cave had been reformed into a gesture of honor to a leading figure known as Illsa. For decades, she was a rather popular woman that passed away when her husband mistakingly provoked the wrath of a powerful monster horde, which resulted in an aggressive invasion. The cave became a safe haven and a gravesite for those that did their best in protecting the area, with Illsa's grave being the most obvious and being well-kept by unknown people. Some adventurers claim to hear a few words when they leave the cave...
[Image: solstice2.png]
"You will always be welcome to our home. May your heart be the guide to your future."

[Image: diamond.png]


"Don't even think about going inside. That place is most definitely haunted by evil spirits..."
Rumor has it that there's a strange, purple portal in Sigrogana that leads to a magic dimension permeated by a constant sense of dread...
[Image: cemetery2.png]
Of course, there's always those far too curious for their own good. Adventurers have made the attempt to explore the area without much success, as creatures of the dark always seek to devour the souls of the innocent. Some experts say that this powerful phenomenon is actually the abandoned lair of a fallen Necromancer, slain by the blade of a Paladin in shining armor. The hero presumably died a short time after his victory.
[Image: cemetery1.png]
"I don't feel safe here at all!"

[Image: diamond.png]


"Woah! It's so beautiful..."
A popular topic amongst fanatics of fairy tales is the existence of a magic forest in Sigrogana. The area's beautiful nature has caught the eyes of many, but what's more special is that rumors saying there are flowers echoing the voices of travelers that have entered it in the past.
[Image: woods2.png]
...Unfortunately, the place is filled with hostile monsters and even deadly looking plants, so not many people have tried to stay there for long. Maybe it's not all that fairy tale-ish after all. Yikes.
[Image: woods1.png]
"I'd rather not be some plant's dinner, thanks."

[Image: diamond.png]


"So high!"
Once a memorial grounds inhabited by Herons, rumors of a bed of clouds above a mountain drew the attention of all different kinds of curious adventurers.
[Image: skies2.png]
However, a great deal of adventurers have a fear of heights and with ample cause; a single misplaced step upon this cloud could very well spell certain death. Despite its fluffy appearance, the air surrounding these clouds carry a somber tale.
[Image: skies1.png]
"I wonder how it felt to live in here..."

[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
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